Brown Hair Color Ideas to Try this 2023

Check out these brown hair color shades to get ideas for your next makeover.

Brown hair color shades are among the go-to hues of Filipinas whenever they want to color their hair. Aside from being universally flattering, browns give you a new look sans the drastic change. They also blend seamlessly with your naturally dark hair color, so they’re perfect if you want a low-maintenance look. And if it’s your first time dyeing your hair, brown hair color is a good choice, as there are many shades that don’t require bleach. You can even check out various light brown hair color options for your new ‘do if you want to lighten your tresses without going blonde,

We’ve rounded up our favorite shades of brown to help you get a gorgeous brunette hair color. Here they are.

1. Chocolate Brown

Asian woman with chocolate brown hair color wearing a teal dress
New to the world of brown hair colors? Chocolate brown is a good choice. Credit: Panadda Suwanjundee

This dark shade of brown suits almost any skin tone, and it’s easy to pair with any makeup look. Both of these reasons make chocolate brown a good brunette hair color for Filipinas. To jazz up your look and create dimension, you can combine this shade with light brown hair color or golden brown highlights.

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2. Deep Chocolate Brown

Asian woman with deep chocolate brown hair color wearing a black top
Love dark hair? Try deep chocolate brown hair color. Credit: Shutterstock

If you love dark hair colors, try deep chocolate. It’s close to your naturally dark tresses, so if you’re not yet ready for a total transformation, this is a good color to start with.

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3. Classic Milk Tea

Asian woman with light brown hair color
Get on the milk tea hair color craze now! Credit: Arina Krasnikova from Pexels

Want a light brown hair color? Try classic milk tea hair color. It’s a beige-like shade of brown that looks as creamy as its namesake drink. Combine it with dark roots and medium shades of brown in an ombre coloring technique to keep it from looking washed out.

4. Milk Tea Latte

Asian woman with light brown hair color
We can’t get over how chic this brown hair color is! Credit: Shutterstock

This can either be a medium or a light brown hair color, depending on how much brown your colorist puts in. Get this milk tea shade along with a shoulder-length haircut to create a fresh, youthful look.

5. Caramel Highlights

Asian woman with short hair wearing a denim jacket outdoors
Add more dimension to your dark hair with caramel highlights. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Give your dark hair more depth and dimension by getting caramel highlights. And if you have a layered and textured ‘do, highlights can make it even more stylish.

6. Chestnut Brown Hair Color

Asian woman with short brown hair with bangs smiling
Look sophisticated with chestnut brown hair and copper highlights. Credit: Dennie Ramon

Chestnut is a medium to dark brown shade with a tiny hint of red. You can get it as a base color and combine it with other shades like golden brown or copper highlights.

7. Golden Brown Hair Color

Asian woman with golden brown hair wearing a white top outdoors
Look like you just came from the beach with golden brown hair. Credit: Michelle Pedron

This hair color gives your face that sun-kissed glow, making it another popular Filipino hair color. It adds warmth to your complexion and lets you exude a fresh and relaxed vibe.

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8. Ash Brown Hair Color

Asian woman with short hair wearing a black shirt
Update your look with ash brown hair. Credit: Panadda Suwanjundee

Ash brown is one of the trendiest hair colors today. The combination of brown and gray tones creates a sophisticated hair color that is bound to turn heads.

9. Ash Brown Ombre

Asian woman with ash brown ombre hair wearing a light denim jacket
Ash brown ombre hair gives your look a bit of drama. Credit: Panadda Suwanjundee

You can also work with ash brown and blonde shades to create an ombre look. You can even skip dyeing your roots so you wouldn’t have to recolor your hair right away once it starts growing.

10. Ash Brown With Blonde Highlights

Asian woman with ash brown hair wearing a pink top
Blonde highlights give your ash brown hair a fresh update. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Go for this look to elevate the look of your ash brown hair color. Then, create relaxed waves to draw attention to your hair’s different dimensions.

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11. Cinnamon Brown Hair Color

Asian woman with cinnamon tresses wearing a white blouse
Try cinnamon brown to add warmth to your face. Credit: Michelle Pedron

It’s not just a delectable sweet treat. Cinnamon is also a stylish brown hair color that has an orange undertone. It adds warmth to your face and gives it a healthy-looking glow.

12. Dark Auburn

Asian woman with straight and shiny hair wearing a dark blue top
Nail this hair color with sleek and shiny hair. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Try this shade if you want something that’s close to your naturally dark hair color. It’s also low maintenance, as you wouldn’t need to touch up the roots when they start growing.

13. Milk Chocolate Brown Hair Color

Asian woman with long hair wearing a white shirt
Combine this light shade of brown with a dark color base. Credit: Panadda Suwanjundee

This brown hair color has a cool undertone, but it looks just as rich as chocolate brown and other dark brown shades. You can sport this color as highlights or as part of an ombre or balayage technique.

14. Mahogany

Asian woman with long mahogany hair wearing a white top
Jazz up your mahogany hair with waves and hair clips. Credit: Michelle Pedron

This reddish-brown shade is another flattering hair color for Pinays. It also blends well with your naturally dark hair, so it looks good even if you skip coloring your roots.

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15. Medium Auburn Hair

Asian woman with long hair with bangs wearing a printed dress
Get a fresh look with medium auburn hair. Credit: Natasha Estelle

It’s a bit lighter than dark auburn and can be worn either as highlights or as a full hair color. Try this if you want a warm medium brown shade.

16. Light Chestnut

Asian woman with long brown hair wearing a white top
Wear this light brown shade against a dark brown base. Credit: Shutterstock

This light brown hair color gives dimension to your hair when worn with dark or medium shades in a balayage look.

17. Honey Tones on Brown Hair Color

Asian woman with honey brown hair wearing an orange top
Let your hair seamlessly transition from dark to honey brown. Credit: Shutterstock

Create a hand-painted effect by putting this color on small sections near your roots. Then, go all out from the mid-lengths to the tips of your hair.

After going through these brown hair color options, have you picked your next hue? Show it to your stylist the next time you go to the salon, and get floored by your new look!

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