Brown Hair Color Chart: Your Brunette Hair Color Bible

Know your browns! Study our brown hair color chart so you know exactly what to ask for on your next appointment with your colorist!
Brown hair color chart: Your brunette hair color bible

For us Filipinas, the easiest way to a subtle but pretty hair makeover is going for a delicious brown hair color and we’re here to help with this brown hair color chart! Most of us have natural dark brown to jet black hair, so a lighter brown shade easily does the trick. But don’t just go for any brown hue! Sure, you can hardly go wrong with this color, but there are particular shades that really complement your features best.

The key to discovering the perfect brown hair color for you (because there’s a lot!) is understanding your undertones. To identify whether you have a cool or warm undertone, flip your wrist and check your veins. If you they’re greenish, you have warm undertones; if they’re bluish, you have cool undertones. Now how does this come into play? It’s simple: when picking a brown hair color, choose shades that are the same temperature as your skin; meaning, if you have warm undertones go for warm shades, and if you have a cool undertones, opt for cool shades.

To make the whole process of choosing a lot easier, we put together a list of all the beautiful shades of brown and categorized them into cool, warm, and neutral (which suits any skin tone). Scroll through for our brown hair color chart and save it for later, when you’re up for another hair coloring appointment!

All Things Hair’s Brown hair color chart: Your ultimate guide to all beautiful shades of brown

Warm Brown Shades 

A fiery auburn shade? Yes, please! Credit: iStock

Honey brown

Ranging from true golden shades to rich toffee and caramel, this brown hair color looks stunning on morena girls. It illuminates the face and flatters the natural tanned complexion.


The red and golden tones in this hue provide a warming effect that benefits those with pale skin, giving their entire look a bit dimension and color.


This shade leans more toward the red end of the brown hair color chart spectrum and has a blend of reddish brown tones. If you like it bold, you can go for the more fiery shades, but if you want a less drastic change, there are also subtle but pretty auburn hues you can choose from.

Editor’s tip: Your makeover doesn’t end in the salon—you have to keep it from fading so your hair looks vibrant, salon-fresh all the time. Protect your hair color with Cream Silk Color Protect Conditioner so your colored tresses don’t get dry and dull over time.

Cool Brown Shades

A light ash brown color works its magic on pale skin. Credit:

Light ash brown

Light ash brown shades have a greyish tint to them, and if you have really fair or pale skin, this color can give your skin a bit of temperature.


Another stunning brown shade for girls with white skin is mahogany. This dark, almost black hair color provides great contrast to the skin and has a really nice effect when light hits it.


This dark shade is best suited to those with olive skin or yellow complexion. If you want a subtle change, this brown hair color is a great option and never goes out of style.

Neutral Brown

Chocolate brown is a no-fail hair color that looks gorge on anyone. Credit:

Chocolate brown

Ah, the universally flattering chocolate brown hair color. Literally anyone can pull off this shade, which is a blend of warm and cool. It’s a rich, delicious color that looks stunning on morena skin, fair complexion, and everything in between.



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