Simple Braids That Transform Drab Hair to Fab Hair

These simple braids will make your hair look neat and polished every day. The best part? They're so easy to do! You don't need to be a pro to create them. 

When it comes to pretty and practical hairstyles, braids are among the list. These are perfect when you want to look neat on a hot, sunny day. They also keep hair strands away from your face when you’re busy working out. There is also the kind for when you want to look dainty and feminine for a romantic date.

Learning how to braid is a skill worth having, especially if you have long hair. If you’re a hairstyling newbie, don’t worry. Here are simple braids that you can learn in no time.

1. French Braid

Simple braids: Asian woman wearing a dark gray long-sleeved shirt with long black hair in a French braid
A simple three-strand braid can easily be upgraded to a classic French braid.

When you know how to create a French braid, you can easily transition to other hairstyles like the flower and fishtail French braid. The good news? It’s one of the easiest ones to make. Just gather a section of hair near your crown, divide it into three parts, and start creating a three-strand braid. Add more hair as your braid progresses, and when you reach the tips, secure your braid with an elastic. Simple, right?

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2. Twin Braids

Simple braids: Asian woman wearing a pink jumper and striped long-sleeved shirt with long dark hair in twin braids
Two braids are better than one. Two braids mean twice the fun.

Wear this cute ‘do to school, and you no longer have to worry about restyling your hair in between classes. This hairstyle can also add a quirky touch to your college look. When you and your friends decide to hang out at your favorite milk tea place after school, you’ll look chic in all those group photos that you’re going to post on Instagram.

3. Face Framing Lace Braid

Simple braids: Asian woman wearing a white polo with long dark hair in face framing lace braid
Add some flair to your casual weekend look with face framing lace braid.

Can’t decide whether to braid your hair or to just leave it down? Do both with face framing lace braid. It’s an easy way to jazz up your down ‘do. It’s perfect for weekend movie dates with your beau or when you simple want to chill at your favorite cafe and read a book.

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4. Rope Braid

Simple braids: Asian woman wearing a denim jacket with long black hair in a rope braid
Just twist and twirl, and voila! Say hello to a chic rope braid.

If you find it difficult to cross sections of hair over one another (because how are you supposed to do that when you can’t see your hair, right?), go for a rope braid instead. This kind of braid doesn’t require all this weaving. You simply have to twist and twirl two sections of your hair, tie it with an elastic, and you’re done! It’s the easiest braid ever, so go ahead and give it a try.

5. Boxer Braid

Simple braids: Asian woman wearing a blue jacket with long black hair in boxer braid standing against a fence
This double braid hairstyle surely packs a punch.

Joining a fun run? Heading out for a morning jog around your neighborhood? The boxer braid can keep all your strands in place, so your hair still looks neat even if you’re all sweaty. You can even wear this ‘do when you’re commuting, as it doesn’t get messed up easily.

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Look chic and feel comfortable at the same time with these simple braids. When you’ve mastered creating these hairstyles, you can experiment with other ideas and learn more ways of styling your tresses. Have fun!

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