Hit the school halls in style with this braided side bun hairstyle

Upgrade your school style and learn how to do this pretty braided side bun hairstyle with Janeena Chan!

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We hope you’ve grown your hair long enough over the break so you can create this pretty braided side bun hairstyle and show it off at school! There’s no better time to debut a look than during campus-comeback season; and if a good ol’ ponytail or a regular three-strand braid just won’t cut it, something a little fancier is what you need to kick off the year in style.

This dainty hairstyle channels a feminine vibe and and gets an A+ in our book! So watch the step-by-step video and learn how to create this braided side bun hairstyle with Janeena Chan.

How to do the braided side bun hairstyle


Prep your hair

Use Cream Silk Standout Straight Conditioner after washing your hair with shampoo. This ensures a beautiful, frizz-free hairstyle. Make sure to rinse hair thoroughly to avoid product buildup.

side bun hairstyles

Create ponytails

When hair is completely dry, create two ponytails side by side behind your left ear.


Start weaving

Divide the first ponytail into two sections, then pull the second ponytail to the left, through the first ponytail. Secure the halves with an elastic.

woman doing ponytails

Put them together

Combine your first and second ponytails to make a third.



Repeat Steps 3 and 4 with your second ponytail.

woman doing braided side bun.


Continue weaving until you reach the other side. Then, create a regular side braid out of the rest of your hair. Secure with an elastic.


Create a bun

Create a bun by bringing your braid upwards and twisting it around itself, then secure with bobby pins.


Go ahead, try this braided side bun hairstyle and make an A+ impression! 

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