Half Braided Hairstyles: Cute Ways to Wear This Look

If you love braids but would rather wear your hair down, these lovely half braided hairstyles will sweep you off your feet!

What’s awesome about half braided hairstyles is that it combines the practicality of an updo, keeping hair away from the face, and the feminine vibe of a pretty downdo. So if you like braids but want to keep your hair loose and tumbling down your back, this style is a fabulous compromise. Check out these really cute variations!

Half Braided Hairstyles

1.  The braidception

Half braided hairstyles: the braidception
Half braided hairstyle: The braidception. Credit: indigitalimages

A braid within a braid within a braid. This very chill, braids-everywhere half-up has a unique charm, it’s the style we would imagine artsy girls would wear. We especially love the unevenness of the plaits—it’s so imperfect that it’s cool. It’s very laid back, a bit messy, and kind of says, “I’m cute but I don’t care.”

Editor’s tip: Use TONI&GUY Sea Salt Texturising Spray for texture and also to give your hair some grip so that your uneven braids don’t come apart as you go about your day.

2. Lopsided waterfall braid

Half braided hairstyles - lopsided waterfall braid
Half braided hairstyle: Lopsided waterfall braid. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

There’s something about uneven, crooked styles that make them really charming. This one looks really cute, and goes perfectly well with the soft, loose waves that complement the entire look.

Editor’s tip: For waves that bounce and ooze with volume, use Dove Oxygen Nourishment Shampoo and condition with Dove Oxygen & Nourishment Conditioner. This pair gives your tresses up to 95% more volume and leaves your hair looking and feeling soft.

3. Double-sided fishtail braids

Half braided hairstyles double sided fishtail braids
Half braided hairstyle: Double-sided fishtail braids. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

Can’t decide between doing a French braid, a fishtail braid, or a good ‘ol three-strand braid? Then don’t! This half braided hairstyle combines all three in one look. It starts out as French, transitions into a loose three-strand braid for a few inches, and then becomes a fishtail braid all the way to the ends. Fun, right? To add shine to your style, use a pump of TONI&GUY High Shine Serum Drops on your locks.

4. Half-up flower braid

Half braided hairstyles: hald-up flower braid
Half braided hairstyle: Half-up flower braid. Credit: Dvora

Bet you’ve never seen anything like this! To create the flower braid, gather a section of hair a few inches up from your ears to create your half-up ponytail. Secure it with a hair tie and then start braiding this section all the way to the end, securing it with another hair tie so the braid doesn’t come off when you create your flower. When you’re done, pull on the edges along the stitch to create the flower petal effect. Once you’re done, create a bun by coiling your braid around itself, making sure each layer is visible (and not stacked) for a flatter circle. Secure with hair pins.

5. Twisted fishtail half-up

Half braided hairstyles: twisted fishtail half-up
Half braided hairstyle: Twisted fishtail half-up. Credit: Verity Jane Smith

This look features a nice and crisp fishtail plait, twisted at the base, similar to how a topsy tail looks like. It’s very feminine, chic, and polished. If you’re tired of the messy, tousled look and want to switch up your braid game, give this one a try.

6. Half Up Dutch Crown Braid

Half braided hairstyles: Girl wearing a blue dress is showing off her hairstyle in a posh way
Style your hair in a very unique way. Credit: Dennie Ramon

Feel like a queen as you wear a natural crown—your hair! You don’t need a lot for this hairstyle but just your skillful hands for making your half braided hairstyle. Even if you have short hair, this hairstyle can definitely take your ‘do to the next level.

7. Half Up Dutch Infinity Braid

half braided hairstyles: Girl's back is facing the camera to show her braided hairstyle
Braids on long hair look fab. Credit: Natasha Estelle

If you really are a fan of braided hairstyles, then, you should go for this half up Dutch infinity braid. It may take a little bit more time than the usual half up braided hairstyles but you’ll be rewarded with such a fabulous look! It’s the perfect hairstyle for work and for play even if all that happens in a single day!

Editor’s tip: To make your hairstyle look more gorgeous, wash your hair and use VO5 Revive Me Daily Conditioner which leaves your hair soft every day. Say bye-bye to lifeless and damaged locks and hello to full-bodied hair. 

8. Half Up Rope Braid

half braided hairstyles: girl's back is turned to show her half up rope braid.
Stylish is what this hairstyle is. Credit: Natasha Estelle

This hairstyle looks really sweet and is perfect with the soft waves that add a touch of femininity. Let your tresses fall freely and feel the waves bounce to your every move.

9. Twisted Half Up Alternate Braids

half braided hairstyles: Girls back is facing the camera to show her hairstyle with accessories
Pearly accessories look gorgeous on this hairstyle. Credit: Shutterstock

This braided hairstyle is definitely a game-changer! The alternated braids and knots look perfect for long wavy hair. Plus, the tiny bead accessories make the hairstyle perfect for outdoor weddings. So, whether you are the bridesmaid or the blushing bride, this hairstyle is going to make your ensemble gorgeous!

10. Waterfall Braid with Colors

Girl with pink braided hair
The color on the hair adds a playful vibe to the braid. Credit: Shutterstock

Braids and pinks? What can be more feminine than that?! Create your waterfall braid and color your hair (permanent or temporary) and change the way people see unconventional hair colors! It’s the perfect braided hairstyle for your night out with the girls or lazy afternoon with your dog at the park!

Editor’s tip: Take care of your hair color and keep it from fading by using Cream Silk Color Protect Conditioner. Enhance your color’s vibrancy and keep it from looking dull and dry. 

Have fun creating these half braided hairstyles! Check out our collection of braided hairstyles for more plaited goodness!