Hair braiding: Asian woman sporting her headband braid, wearing a shirt and a plaid coat

Hair Braiding Tips to Make Weaving A Lot More Easier

Create beautiful braids more easily with these simple and practical hair braiding tips!

Braids are beautiful, and with so many options, we can’t help but rock a new braided hairstyle every now and then. What makes it even more fulfilling is the whole hair braiding process. Yes, it can be a bit challenging at times, but that’s the whole fun, right?

While it’s challenging, hair braiding doesn’t have to be so complicated. To help you out, we’ve got tips for you to make weaving more easy and fun.

Hair Braiding Tips

1. Nourish your hair.

Asian girl with two side braids against champagne background to represent users of the new Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable Shampoo
Get hair that is easy to style with the new Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable Shampoo.

Giving your hair the right vitamins and minerals it needs will make braiding easier. This way, you always start with smooth and healthy hair. Choose hair products that have ingredients and formulas designed to make your hair strong, soft, and manageable.

Bottle of Sunsilk Smooth & Manageable Shampoo

Editor’s tip: Wash your hair with Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable Shampoo. It is formulated with five flower essences to make your hair five times more fragrant, aside from making it smoother and easier to style. 

2. Always have hair spray.

Rope braid: Asian woman with long black hair wearing a yellow shirt spritzing hairpsray on her braid
Get rid of frizz by spritzing hairspray on your rope braid.

It’s a must to seal your hairstyle with a spritz of hair spray. More than prolonging your braid’s hold, a good hair spray will tame any frizz dangling out of your braids for that clean, sleek finish.

Editor’s tip: Choose a hair spray that is designed and used by experts. TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray will give you excellent hold and fly away control without all the stiffness and stickiness.

3. Discover new looks.

Closeup shot of an Asian woman with black hair in Double Dutch braid bun
Double braid and double bun? What an exciting hairstyle!

Switch things up every now and then! Keep an eye out for new looks, may it be online or offline. You can always try different styles by watching and following step-by-step tutorials.

Editor’s tip: Need to give your hair some grip? Spritz TONI&GUY Sea Salt Texturising Spray on your hair before braiding so your hair will stay put and won’t unravel why you style your hair. 

Easy peasy, right? With these simple and practical hair braiding tips, it will be definitely!

Braided Hairstyles You Can Try

1. Triple braid

Asian woman with triple braid
Thrice the braid, thrice the charm! Credit: Natasha Estelle

A triple braid is a clever way to level up your hair braiding game, and it’s easy to do! Just divide your hair into three sections, braid each section on its own, and combine all three using a hair tie. It’s a perfect look for anything, really.

2. Headband braid

Pretty braids: Closeup shot of an Asian woman with long black hair in a headband braid hairstyle
A headband braid and some waves make for a super chic combination. Credit: Hariono Halim

If you want to take chic to new levels, put your hair in a headband braid. Just create a deep side part, braid to the side, and bring the braid around your hair. You’re ready for a great workday or a memorable date night.

3. Flower braid

How to make a flower braid step 7: Wear this hairstyle to work
You don’t have to sacrifice style in order to look professional.

A flower braid is a pretty bun braid you can easily put on for your daily grind or night out. Do a diagonal dutch braid, twist it into a bun, then voila—flower power!

4. Waterfall braid

Asian woman with black hair in a waterfall braid wearing a white dress outdoors
Style your V-shape haircut in a dainty way by creating a waterfall braid. Credit: Hariono Halim

If you want something subtler but totally unique, a waterfall braid is just right for you. This simple yet chic hair braiding style is perfect for garden weddings and daytime parties. If you’re in the mood for something dainty and delicate-looking, this is the hairstyle for you.

5. Braid with accessories

Asian woman with sleek braid with accessories
With simple accessories, you can transform your braid from plain to party-ready. Credit: Natasha Estelle

You can also stick to a basic three-strand braid, but make it more interesting by adding hair accessories. You can wrap a rope or twine hair accessory at the base of your braid for that rustic-chic feel, or add sparkly studs for a magical and elegant evening look.

Hair braiding is a really fun way to style your locks. With these handy tips and easy unique styles, you’ll be serving hotter looks day in and day out!

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