Bea Marin Shows Us How to Do a Boxer Braid Hairstyle

Create the perfect boxer braid hairstyle for a look that’s both pretty and functional.

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Boxer braid hairstyle tutorial with Bea Marin


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If you’re a busy woman or a sporty one who just can’t be bothered by hair that keeps falling on your face, your locks are probably always pushed back and up so they’re out of the way. A quick ponytail is probably your go-to hairstyle, but if that ever gets boring, know that there are other ways you can style your hair pretty while keeping strands from going rogue. The boxer braid is one of those hairstyles, and we’d be more than happy to show you how it’s done.

Boxer braids are chic but functional, casual but polished. It’s a versatile style that can take you from day to night, and once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you’ll find it easy enough to do. Learn how to create this cute boxer braid hairstyle with Bea Marin!

How to Create a Boxer Braid Hairstyle



Make sure your hairstyle is grease-free throughout the day by using TONI&GUY Matt Texture Dry Shampoo .


Section hair

Split hair into two sections. Clip the other section so you can work conveniently on one side first.


Create a dutch braid

Take a handful of hair from the loose side and create a Dutch braid, working downwards instead of sidewards.

To do a Dutch braid, separate hair into three even sections. Take the left section and cross it over the middle one. Then take the right section and cross it over the middle section. Add more hair into the braid by taking a small section from the loose hair on the left side and combine with your left section. Do the same criss-cross step you did before. Then take a small section from the loose hair on the right side and combine with your right section. Repeat the steps until all of your hair is gathered into the braid. Secure with an elastic.


Repeat on the other side

Unclip the other section and do the same process to create another dutch braid.


Rock your 'do

With a boxer braid, you’ll feel presko even on a hot summer day. It’s also perfect for working out, commuting, or when doing yoga because it keeps strands away from your face and neck. It’s a pretty and practical hairstyle that anybody can create at home!

Filipina influencer with boxer braid hairstyle


It wasn’t as hard as you’d imagined, was it? It may take a bit of practice to master the boxer braid hairstyle, but you’ll get there, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll be box braiding with your eyes closed! So get ready to hit the gym in style (then head to the movies with friends) with this look.

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