Decoding Strawberry Blonde: What shade is it, exactly?

Not quite red, not quite blonde--let’s take a closer look at the hair color enigma that is strawberry blonde.  

If you read the Nancy Drew books as a kid (or as an adult, we won’t judge!), you’ll probably remember that her hair was described as strawberry blonde. It sounds like such a cool hair color to have, as it’s such a far cry from the deep black or brown tones most Pinays naturally have. And if you’ve never heard of this particular blonde hue before, now’s your chance to learn more about it!

Strawberry blonde is a warm shade that’s closer to red than it is to blonde, and a lot of people confuse the two. It is usually defined as the lightest shade of red, with some copper or blonde tones in it. Some, however, say it’s a shade of blonde with warm reddish tones. Either way, it’s also a rare hair color to have naturally. If you’re born with it, lucky you! If not, here are five stylish ways you can try:

Light Strawberry blonde Indigital
Light Strawberry blonde
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1. Light

This creamy blonde shade has the faintest tinge of peach–it’s probably the lightest you can go while still staying within the boundaries of “strawberry blonde.”

Editor’s tip: While this shade can make your hair look effortlessly shiny, a hair serum like TONI&GUY High Shine Serum Drops will add more impact to your locks. Just pump out a few drops on your palm, rub your hands together to warm it up, and apply on your hair, focusing on the ends.

Deep dark strawberry blonde Indigital
Deep dark strawberry blonde
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2. Deep and dark

Don’t want to go totally blonde? A deeper strawberry blonde shade, like this reddish brown hue, is a great choice if you’re not yet too keen on light-colored locks. This shade is also more forgiving when it comes to your roots’ growth, making it a good pick for busy girls who just don’t have the time to color their hair often.

Ashy strawberry blonde Indigital
Ashy strawberry blonde
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3. Ashy 

Hop on the ash-toned hair color trend with this strawberry blonde hue! By adding rich peachy undertones to deep ash blonde, you’ll get a lovely feminine hue that’ll have you reminiscing about lazy summer afternoons at the beach.

Strawberry blonde ombre Indigital
Strawberry blonde ombre
Credit: Indigital

4. Ombre

Get the best of both worlds with an ombre strawberry blonde dye job! Ask your hairstylist a cool hue near the roots, smoothly transitioning into a creamy shade towards the ends.

Editor’s tip: Keep your strawberry red hair looking vibrant with a sulfate-free conditioner like Cream Silk Color Protect Conditioner, which is designed to make your hair color looking vibrant for a longer time by protecting it against dullness and dryness.

Coppery strawberry blonde Indigital
Coppery strawberry blonde
Credit: Indigital

5. Coppery 

Aiming for a fierce, bold look? This warm copper hue totally delivers. Its sultry and sexy (yet classic) vibe invokes the glamorous women of decades past–wear it straight and sleek for a modern look, or style it in large curls for vintage bombshell glam.

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