Asian woman with short strawberry blonde hair.

Top 12 Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors We’re Loving Right Now

Not quite red, not quite blonde—let’s take a closer look at strawberry blonde hair.

Strawberry blonde hair color is a warm shade that’s closer to red than it is to blonde. It is usually defined as the lightest shade of red, with some copper or blonde tones in it. Some, however, say it’s a shade of blonde with warm reddish tones. However, no matter its definition, one thing remains true: strawberry blonde hair makes for a head-turning look.

Whether you want a light red shade or a warm blonde hair color, strawberry blonde is worth giving a try. Here are pegs on how to rock this look.

12 Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Ideas

1. Light Strawberry Blonde Hair

Asian woman with short strawberry blonde hair
A light strawberry blonde hair color suits quirky looks. Credit: Mejii for Pexels

This creamy blonde shade has the faintest tinge of peach—it’s probably the lightest you can go while still staying within the boundaries of strawberry blonde.

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2. Deep Strawberry Blonde Hair

Woman with deep reddish hair wearing a black jacket
Not yet ready for a light hair color? Go for deep strawberry blonde. Credit: Jamie Saw for Pexels

Fond of dark blonde colors? A deeper strawberry blonde shade, like this reddish brown hue, is a great choice if you’re not keen on getting light-colored locks. This shade is also more forgiving when it comes to your roots’ growth, making it a good pick for busy girls who don’t have the time to color their hair often.

3. Bright Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

Asian woman with strawberry blonde hair
Lightly scrunch your strawberry blonde hair to keep it from looking flat. Credit: Shutterstock

This vibrant reddish-blonde color is equal parts cute and edgy. Pair it with a short or medium-length haircut for a fresh look.

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4. With Dark Roots

Asian woman with short strawberry blonde hair
Make strawberry blonde hair look edgy with dark roots. Credit: Shutterstock

You can deliberately skip coloring your roots and have your colorist create a good transition to the rest of your hair.

5. Balayage

Asian woman with balayage strawberry blonde hair
Want some hair drama? Go for a balayage look. Credit: Ashley Jiang from Unsplash

The balayage hair trend isn’t going away anytime soon, and it looks fab with strawberry blonde hair! Start with dark roots and transition to this color along with other light and medium blonde shades.

6. Medium Strawberry Blonde

Woman with long strawberry blonde hair
Try this sweet hair color on your next makeover. Credit: Joel Mott for Unsplash

With this shade, you get a hair color that’s not too light and vibrant nor too deep. The tinges of blonde and red are showcased equally.

7. Golden Strawberry Blonde

Woman with long blonde hair wearing a green sweater
A little bit of red on blonde hair and you get golden strawberry blonde. Credit: Behrouz Sasani for Unsplash

This hair color has more blonde than reddish tones. This is good if you want the tinges of red to act as highlights or accents to your blonde hair.

8. Strawberry Blonde Space Buns

Asian woman with hair in space buns wearing a white jacket
Who can say no to this super cute hairstyle? Credit: Panadda Suwanjunee

If you want to put your reddish-blonde hair up, try space buns. The hairstyle, combined with this sweet and cute hair color, gives your whole look tons of personality.

9. Icy

Woman with icy strawberry blonde hair
Take extra care of your hair to help it recover from bleaching damage. Credit: Becca Correia from Pexels

Think icy blonde that’s super pale with a tiny tinge of red. If you’re into light blonde hair colors, this one is for you.

10. Curly Copper-ish Hair

Woman with long curly hair wearing eyeglasses
This color on curly hair looks super chic! Credit: Celeste Horrocks from Unsplash

Add more red to your strawberry blonde hair, and you get this gorgeous copper color. It elevates the look of kulot hair, so try this if you’re looking for hair colors for curly hair.

11. Pinkish Strawberry Blonde Hair

Asian woman with pink hair
Here’s a classic twist on the classic strawberry blonde we all know and love. Credit: Yan Krukau from Pexels

The pinkish strawberry blonde is a perfect blend of flirty pink and soft blonde that suits everyone. Best done with a blonde base, starts with a bright pink and fades to a gorgeous light pink that’s guaranteed to give you tons of compliments.

12. Ash Pink

Asian woman with short pink hair
Life’s too short for boring hair! Credit: Nothing Ahead from Pexels

Do cooler tones suit you better? This strawberry hair color brings together frosty tones and soft rosé hues to transform your mane into something out of a fairytale book.

With these gorgeous hair pegs, who wouldn’t be inspired to get strawberry blonde hair? Try this reddish-blonde hue now and have fun with your new look!

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