Woman with rose gold hair color

Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas We Love

Has this pretty shade been filling your dreams lately? Let these looks inspire you to get this hair color stat!

The rose gold hair color trend has been a fixture in our news feeds lately. If you’re a beauty junkie like us, it’s probably all over yours, too. This sweet-looking shade takes inspiration from rose gold jewelry. Rose gold color is a blend of pink, peach, and golden tones, creating a warm, rosy hue. It varies in intensity—ranging from delicate pastels to bold and vibrant shades.

Can brunettes rock rose gold hair color? Totally! While it takes a few extra steps for those with naturally dark hair to get this coveted shade, it’s definitely not impossible. It may take a few rounds of bleaching and toning for your hair to get light enough for this color, so make sure you go to a trusted hair professional to ensure you get the process right.

If you’ve already fallen in love with this hue, we’ve rounded up some rose gold hair color pegs for your next makeover. Check them out.

Rose Gold Hair Color Inspiration

1. Rose Gold Lob With Full Bangs

Asian woman with glasses
A rose gold lob with bangs is a charming way to show off your eye-catching hair. Credit: Nguyet Ha from Pexels

This rose gold lob is the perfect balance of the edgy and the feminine, which makes it an ideal pick for anyone who loves to stand out. It’s super versatile, too—you can wear it straight or curly, and with hair accessories or without.

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2. Straight Rose Gold Hair With a Hat

Woman with long rose gold hair wearing a hat
Look hip with a bucket hat on rose gold hair. Credit: Shutterstock

Want to create a high-fashion look? Wear your rose gold hair long and straight and add full, blunt bangs. Put on a bucket hat to instantly make it hip and chic, resulting in an off-the-runway look that will still make you stand out.

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3. Vibrant Rose Gold Color

Asian woman with pink curly locks
Add fun to your look with this pinkish rose gold hue. Credit: RODNAE Productions from Canva

This color is close to pink, but you can still see peach undertones that keep this shade from being one. Add short, blunt bangs to give your look character.

4. Wavy Rose Gold Bob

Woman with short wavy rose gold hair wearing a denim jacket
Short rose gold hair gives you a fresh and trendy look. Credit: Shutterstock

If you love short hair, you can make it look playful by dyeing it rose gold. Add waves for more volume and bounce and you’ll like one happy and stylish gal!

5. Two-Tone Hair in a Half-Up Braid

Back shot of a woman with braided rose gold hair
Make your rose gold hair dainty with a half-up braid hairstyle. Credit: Shutterstock

Complement this dainty color with an equally dainty half-up braid. And if you’re wearing rose gold as an underlayer hair color, this hairstyle will help you showcase both hues.

To create a half-up braid, gather the upper section of your hair and create a simple three-strand braid or a fishtail braid. Secure the tips with an elastic. Then, pull the sides of the braid to make it look fuller.

6. Rose Gold Hair Color in a Messy Bun

Woman in a messy bun wearing a pink sweater
This no-fuss hairstyle combined with rose gold hair color makes for an interesting ‘do. Credit: Shutterstock

Chillin’ at home? Let your hair sport a laidback vibe by putting it in a messy bun. It’s a good hairstyle choice for second-day hair as well, so go for this ‘do if you’ve skipped a hair wash (or two).

7. Rose Gold Hair With Curtain Bangs

Woman wearing a pink sweater walking on the runway
Rose gold hair with bangs? It’s a yay! Credit: indigitalimages.com

Add curtain bangs to your long rose gold hair to create a soft, romantic look. This type of fringe can also help give balance to round and heart-shaped faces.

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8. Champagne-Rose Gold Hair Color

Asian woman with rose gold hair color
Raise your glasses and say cheers to a dazzling new ‘do. Credit: Nothing Ahead from Pexels

Picture the perfect blend of bubbly champagne, rosy pink hue, sprinkled with a hint of opulent gold – that’s what you get with this rose gold hair color. It’s chic, unique, and unbelievably flattering.

9. Ombre

Smiling Asian with ombre rose gold hair color
Here’s a headturning hair color that ensures you stand out. Credit: Nannapat Mum Kaewjieranai from Pexels

An ombre introduces a shift for those who don’t have the time to maintain their rose gold hair color. This technique uniquely blends warm, pinkish hues into your natural brunette, creating a seamless transition even when your hair is growing. It’s also particularly low maintenance, making it a practical option for those who appreciate minimal upkeep.

10. Bright Rose Gold Highlights

Woman with pink hair streaks
Rose gold always makes for an Instagram-worthy hair color. Credit: Diva Plavalaguna from Pexels

Brunette hair offers a versatile canvas for experimentation, and one technique that stands out is adding rose gold highlights. The dash of rose gold streaks complements the depth of brunette tones – the perfect choice for making dark locks pop.

Getting a rose gold color for your hair is a bold move. And if you’re feeling adventurous with your hair, try this hue and enjoy your new look!