The blonde hair color shades perfect for morena girls

Mitch | 11 November 2017

We’ll help you choose the blonde hair colors for morena skin that will definitely flatter your natural glow!

A lot of morena girls stay away from blonde shades because they carry the danger of looking fake. Lucky for us ladies, we live in the age of pastel hair and unicorn tresses and locks that resemble the solar system; and if people can accept those hairstyles, we’re pretty sure you can pull off a pretty shade of blonde no matter your skin color. But of course if you want to not just pull it off, but actually rock it, you have to be smart in choosing the shades that you will go for. We talked to our resident stylist (who’s a morena herself, by the way) and this is what she had to say.

Blonde hair colors for morena girls

honey blonde hair colors for morena girls
Blonde hair color for morena girls: honey blonde. Credit: iStock

Honey blonde

If you have warm undertones, honey blonde will enhance the warmth of your skin tone. You can either go for a light honey shade or something with more depth. A mix of caramel and honey is one of the best blonde hair colors for morena skin–you can always look at Jennifer Lopez for reference. Girl really rocks this shade!

Cream Silk Color Protect Conditioner

Editor’s tip: It’s important to always moisturize your hair, but be sure to avoid products with high amounts of alcohol and sulfate. Use a moisturizing conditioner that is specifically formulated to protect colored hair like Cream Silk Color Protect Conditioner. It has a a sulfate-free formulation that helps to enhance your hair color’s vibrancy.

brown blonde hair colors for morena girls
Blonde hair color for morena girls: bronde. Credit: iStock


This is a gorgeous color that complements your complexion because it adds a flattering contrast to your skin tone’s natural glow and blends seamlessly with it. It provides a more natural look so it’s easier to pull off than other shades. To see how it looks like on olive skin, check it out here.

TRESemmé Total Salon Repair Shampoo

Editor’s tip: We all know getting a dye job can wreak havoc to our hair. The harsh chemicals in hair colors are just too much for our delicate strands to handle. And if you’re going blonde, which is a shade that’s far too light than your original color, bleaching could be involved, which is so much more damaging. So should you go through this makeover, make it up to your hair and restore its health by washing with TRESemmé Platinum Strength Shampoo and TRESemmeé Platinum Strength Conditioner. This pair repairs up to two years’ worth of damage in just five uses by helping reinforce hair’s natural protective barrier, restoring hair and protecting it  against future damage. 

silver blonde hair color for morena girls
Blonde hair color for morena girls: silver blonde. Credit:

Silver blonde

A silvery shade is another ideal blonde hair color for morena girls. It goes well with warm undertones because it works as a cool counterpart. If you’re gonna get this shade, ask your colorist to leave your roots dark and natural so there’s depth and dimension and the transition is more natural.

A drastic change is always scary (in hair color and in other aspects of life), but it can also potentially be the best style choice you will ever make! So go ahead and give these blonde hair colors for morena girls a try!

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