Here’s why you should try wispy bangs this school year

Want to get bangs, but not quite ready for a full fringe? Here’s why wispy bangs would work for you.  

Bangs will always be in style–it’s an easy way to add some attitude to your look. Wispy bangs, in particular, has become a recent buzzword in the beauty world, and for good reason: it’s not as difficult to maintain as full bangs, but can still give your features extra oomph. It’s a very wearable style too, and it can work for a variety of face shapes and hair types.

Below, we’ve compiled five chic types of wispy bangs that you can try for your back-to-school makeover. We hope you’re able to find one that suits your look perfectly!

Side Swept wispy bangs Shutterstock
Side Swept wispy bangs Credit: Shutterstock

Side Swept wispy bangs

Ladies with a looser curl can rock long side swept wispy bangs. This flattering style suits most face shapes but looks especially gorgeous on girls with round faces. Pair it with a bob or a lob and let your curls take center stage for an effortlessly chic look.

Long and choppy wispy bangs Shutterstock
Long and choppy wispy bangs Credit: Shutterstock

Long and choppy wispy bangs

This textured, eyebrow-grazing wispy fringe doesn’t just help hide a large forehead: It also draws the focus to your eyes, putting your peepers in the spotlight. Pile on the mascara and eyeliner, as this look calls for drama–lots of it.

Eyebrow-skimming wispy bangs Shutterstock
Eyebrow-skimming wispy bangs Credit: Shutterstock

Eyebrow-skimming wispy bangs

While a full blunt fringe looks best on thick hair, girls with thinner locks can look absolutely adorable with a wispy version. Have it trimmed right above your eyebrows, and part it casually for a carefree and more natural look.

Wispy bangs for a pixie cut Indigital
Wispy bangs for a pixie cut Credit: Indigital

Wispy bangs for a pixie cut

We totally love how a pixie cut can add some edge to even the most feminine looks, giving you license to pile on the ribbons and ruffle with abandon. This particular bowl-cut pixie looks especially fab on girls with heart-shaped faces, giving you different styling options. Make it a notch cooler by adding a glossy tint near the top.

Uneven wispy bangs Indigital
Uneven wispy bangs Credit: Indigital

Uneven wispy bangs

Wispy bangs are all about texture, making them complement wavy hair types nicely. For a preppy look with a boho touch, add a wispy fringe to a classic bob. Cut into the fringe for an uneven, carefree look.

Now that you’ve figured out the perfect wispy bangs for you, here are some things you have to take note of before going for the cut:

1. Bangs require constant trimming.

You’d be surprised at how fast your bangs can grow. Your fringe will require a trim every two to three weeks, and you have to set hair appointments following that schedule to maintain your ideal length. You can save some cash by learning how to cut your own bangs, but you have to be very careful lest you end up with a ‘do you’ll regret!

Editor’s tip: If you ever find yourself in that predicament, using Sunsilk Strong & Long Shampoo followed by Sunsilk Strong & Long Conditioner will help you grow it out to a more acceptable look.


2. Bangs get greasy–fast.

Your forehead is extra prone to oiliness, and the grease eventually transfers to your fringe. If you’ve got oily skin, expect your bangs to get limp and greasy by the end of the day. Still, it’s nothing a bit of shampoo can’t fix!

Editor’s tip: Wash and cleanse your hair daily, and just spritz on TRESemmé Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo midday when your bangs are getting greasy. Comb through with your fingers, and you’re good to go.

3. Bangs don’t work for all face shapes.

Before chopping off your hair, consult your trusted hairstylist first. He or she can help determine whether the wispy bangs of your dreams will look good on you based on your face shape. Your hairstylist can also recommend other bang variants in case the style you’re eyeing won’t work for you.

4. You have to style them.

You think your bangs will look gorgeous the moment you wake up? Nu-uh, sister. Even if you have pin-straight hair, your bangs can still go in different directions, causing you a lot of frustration. It’s more tedious for girls with wavy or curly hair–you have no choice but to exert a little effort to style your hair in the morning unless you want to end up with an unruly, frizzy fringe.

Editor’s tip: Smooth on some Cream Silk Standout Straight Leave-On Cream to tame frizz and nourish your hair at the same time. This quick-fix will come in handy when you’re in a hurry to make it to your early morning class.

5. Consider your hair part.

If you part your hair to the side, you’ll look better with side swept bangs. Full bangs, meanwhile, look best with center-parted hair. It’s a simple thing that can change your wispy bangs’ final look.


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