Asian woman with short hair in a pigtail hairstyle with wispy bangs.

Hairstyles to Try If You Love Wispy Bangs

Whether you like your hair long or short, wispy bangs can give it more pizzazz. Here are some hairstyle pegs.

Getting bangs is an easy way to add some attitude to your look. If you’re not into full, blunt bangs, why don’t their more laid-back cousin? We’re talking about wispy bangs, which have a textured, featured look that blends seamlessly with the rest of the hair. They can be tapered, but they can also be cut the same length. Either way, they softly frame your face and help create a dainty hairstyle.

Wispy bangs are easier to style and maintain than full bangs, that’s why they’re popular among those who want a fringe but don’t like the commitment. This type of fringe is wearable, too, and it can work for a variety of face shapes and hair types.

We’ve compiled easy ways to rock wispy bangs to help you get started on your fringe journey. Check them out.

Our Fave Hairstyles With Wispy Bangs

1. Long Wavy Hair With Wispy

Asian woman with long wavy hair and wispy bangs wearing a white top.
Wispy bangs and waves go well together. Credit: Shutterstock

Whether your waves are natural or styled, they’ll look trendy and dainty when you leave them down and complement them with wispy bangs. Scrunch your waves and style your bangs with your fingers for that relaxed look.

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2. Tapered and Choppy Fringe

Asian woman with layered wispy bangs wearing white clothes.
Highlight your wispy bangs by putting your hair up. Credit: Shutterstock

This textured, layered fringe draws the focus to your eyes, putting your peepers in the spotlight. Pile on the mascara and eyeliner, as this look calls for drama—lots of it.

3. Blunt Haircut With Eyebrow-Skimming Fringe

Eyebrow-skimming wispy bangs Shutterstock
This hairstyle can work in both casual and polished looks. Credit: Shutterstock

While a full blunt fringe looks best on thick hair, girls with thinner locks can look absolutely adorable with a wispy version. Have your bangs trimmed right above your eyebrows, and part them casually for a carefree and more natural look. Wispy bangs also help transform a simple, one-length haircut from blah to bangin’ (pun intended!).

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3. Pixie Cut With Wispy Bangs

Asian woman with short hair and wispy bangs wearing a long-sleeved jumpsuit walking on the runway.
A wispy fringe adds oomph to a short haircut. Credit: Indigitalimages

This bowl-cut-style pixie haircut gives you an androgynous look that makes you stand out. Rock this ‘do and let your hair say you mean business.

4. Wavy Pixie Cut

Woman with a wavy pixie cut and wispy bangs holding flowers.
Love short wavy hair? Try this haircut. Credit: Marielle Capinianes from Pexels

Even a wavy pixie cut can be best buddies with wispy bangs. The carefree nature of a wispy fringe complements the texture of short wavy hair, resulting in an effortlessly chic hairstyle that’s equal parts fresh and edgy.

5. Layered Bob With Wispy Bangs

Asian woman with short hair with wispy bangs wearing a white top.
Add this to your list of favorite short hair ideas. Credit: Panadda Suwnajundee

Give your layered bob blowout for bounce and volume, and add wispy bangs for a dash of flair. The result? A light and youthful look you can wear to school or when meeting your friends for coffee.

6. Half-Up Top Knot

Asian woman with short hair and wispy bangs wearing eyeglasses and a white sleeveless top.
Strut the school halls in style with this cute and practical ‘do. Credit: Shutterstock

Thinking of a cute hairstyle for school? Try the half-up top knot. You can wear it on both long and short hair, and it will only take you a minute to do. Don’t forget your wispy bangs to give your top knot a messy-chic vibe.

7. Pigtails

Asian woman with long hair in pigtails wearing a striped spaghetti-strapped top.
Look pretty in pigtails. Credit: Shutterstock

Pigtail hairstyles aren’t just for kids; grown-ups can rock them, too! Go for low pigtails for a quirky, everyday look. Let wispy bangs frame your face and elevate this simple hairstyle.

There you have it! Are you ready to rock wispy bangs? Pick from these hairstyles and enjoy your new ‘do!