The best long bangs for your hair type

Thinking of getting long bangs? Here are five hairstyles you can try for your fringe.  

Thinking of getting long bangs? The good news is that a lengthy fringe is more flattering across the board, no matter your hair type. They can de-emphasize certain features and slim down your face, making it preferable to shorter, edgier styles.

But before you book an appointment with your hairstylist (or reach for the scissors), we have to warn you that a long fringe isn’t a one-size-fits-all ordeal. Depending on the type of bangs you choose, it might end up making your haircut look worse. You have to consider not just your face shape and lifestyle, but your hair type as well. The latter will dictate how your bangs will fall on your face, making or breaking your look.

If this is your first time to get a fringe, it might be better to seek a professional hairstylist’s opinion first to find out the style that works best for you. We also have to warn you that bangs–whether they’re long or short–can be pretty high-maintenance. They grow faster than you think and can get extra greasy at the end of the day.

All systems go? Read on to learn more about five common types of long bangs, as well as the hair type that works best for them.

The best long bangs - Side-swept bangs Indigital
The best long bangs – Side-swept bangs
Credit: Indigital

Side-swept bangs

Side-swept bangs are probably the most flattering long bangs style on this list. It’s a go-to of many women for its versatility–it looks good on just about anyone! It’s also easy to maintain and can be tucked behind your ear with a hair clip for maximum polish. Girls with no bangs can even fake this style easily!

Perfect for: Girls with straight to wavy hair. Curly haired girls can also rock this look, depending on your curl pattern (it’ll be better if your hair is straighter in the front).

The best long bangs - Center-parted bangs Indigital
The best long bangs – Center-parted bangs
Credit: Indigital

Center-parted bangs

Center-parted bangs can be tricky to pull off, but that’s why we’re here! This style of long bangs is great if you’re growing out a fringe. The key is to focus on the part: A perfectly centered part can look unnatural on some people. If that’s the case for you, go for a more natural-looking off-center part instead.

Perfect for: Girls with straight to wavy hair.

Editor’s tip: Since bangs can get oilier faster than the rest of your hair, it’s a good idea to shampoo your fringe as often as you wash your face. Use TRESemmé Smooth & Shine Shampoo followed by TRESemmé Smooth & Shine Conditioner, which contains Moroccan Argan Oil that calms your bangs’ frizz and flyaways without weighing it down.

The best long bangs - Choppy side-swept bangs Indigital
The best long bangs – Choppy side-swept bangs Credit: Indigital

Choppy side-swept bangs

Want to add some edge to your look? You can count on long, choppy bangs to ramp up your style. This is a nice style if you don’t want to fully commit to a fringe, as you can grow this out easily. We especially love this hairstyle with a pixie cut and a devil-may-care attitude!

Perfect for: Girls with wavy to straight hair.

The best long bangs - Long blunt bangs Indigital
The best long bangs – Long blunt bangs
Credit: Indigital

Long blunt bangs

A heavy fringe that grazes your eyes is a good look if you want to add edge to an otherwise so-so ‘do. Brow-level bangs will bring out your eyes, while cheek-grazing blunt bangs will emphasize your lips. As a bonus, this style will make you look younger, too!

Perfect for: Girls with straight hair. It works best with thick hair–thin hair will make it wispy. Cowlicks or waves will bring down this look.

Editor’s tip: Dry shampoo is another product girls with bangs need in their arsenal. A product like TRESemmé Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo instantly removes grease and buildup, leaving your fringe feeling fresh and clean.

The best long bangs - Long curly bangs Indigital
The best long bangs – Long curly bangs Credit: Indigital

Long curly bangs

Who says curly haired girls can’t get bangs? Keep the length long to avoid your curls balling up, and make sure to keep your locks de-frizzed and shiny. Just find a hairstylist who’s skilled with cutting curly hair–this can be tricky to DIY!

Perfect for: Girls with curly hair, duh!


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