How to hide bangs: Stylish ways of coping with unruly fringe

These simple tips on how to hide bangs will keep unruly ones off your face. 

There are times when you wonder how to hide bangs specially while growing it out.  There are also times when you were brazen enough to cut your own fringe, and chances are, it went horribly wrong. Don’t fret, we have solutions that do not involve locking up yourself inside your room.

Bangs are in and very fashionable. You may look great in them, but admit it, they can be difficult to deal with. You need to have them trimmed regularly. You always have to blow dry them. And when you decide to grow your bangs out, they start pointing to all directions. End your struggle now with these tricks on how to hide bangs when they’re being out of control.

Headband: One way on how to hide bangs
A stylish headband saves the day from unruly fringe.

1. Hide bangs with the use of a headband or a bandana.

Consider this your instant solution whenever you’re having a bad bangs day. If you have a wide headband or bandana, comb your bangs back and hold them down with a hairspray. Then, put on your bandana, with its edge located a few millimeters in front of your hairline. This quick and easy way on how to style bangs will just take two minutes and voila! No more messy fringe!

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Clip it back: One way on how to hide bangs
Clipped back bangs. Credit:

2. Clip back your bangs with bobby pins or hair clips.

This is a quick and easy way to get bangs off your face when they’re starting to grow. First, gather your bangs on the crown of your head and secure with a clip or bobby pins.  Add hairspray to hold it in place. For the rest of your hair, you can make beach waves using a curling iron, or keep your locks straight and polished using a blow dryer or hair straightening iron.

Editor’s tip: Protect your hair from heat damage. Don’t forget to spray TONI&GUY Heat Protection Mist onto your locks before ironing or blow drying. 

One-sided clip: One way on how to hide bangs
Clipping your bangs to the side can give a cute layered effect.

3. Clip your long bangs on one side.

You may have worn this hairstyle to school when you were a kid, but this look is made a bit sophisticated. First, part your hair on one side and gather your bangs. Then, clip your bangs using bobby pins, a small bow if you’re feeling quirky, or hair clips with small studs if you’re dressed for a date. Then, make some waves using a curling iron. Now, no one will notice your bad bangs.

Editor’s tip: Spray TONI&GUY Sea Salt Texturising Spray to add bounce and texture to your waves.

Braided: One way on how to hide bangs
Braids can be another solution to keep those bangs behaved. Credit: Closer to Infinity (

4. Put your long bangs in a side braid.

This hairstyle is similar to No. 3 but it is given a bit more oomph. And just like No. 3, begin by parting your hair on one side. But instead of gathering your bangs in a clip, braid them first and tie an elastic band at the end. Then, secure with bobby pins. This hairstyle suits daytime occasions like morning weddings or special lunches.

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Wear a hat: One way on how to hide bangs
Bad hair day averted with the help of a cool cap.

5. Wear a hat.

If all else fail, or if you’re simply running out of time and must head out the door stat, just grab a hat to hide your bad bangs and go. You’ll be protecting your hair and face from the sun, too.

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Now, you can say goodbye to unruly fringe. There may be tons of other ways on how to hide bangs. These are just a few tips that you can swear by daily. All it takes is the help of a few hair accessories and reliable styling products. These should keep you gorgeous while in this awkward phase until it grows out or your next haircut.

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