Bangs for round face: Find the most flattering styles for you

The secret to nailing a look is making sure it works with the rest of your features. These bangs for round face are styles that would accentuate your assets and take the attention away from your face shape!

Here at All Things Hair, we are big believers of bangs, and we have no doubt that there’s a fringe hairstyle for everyone. “Will I look good with bangs?” should not be the question; “Which bangs would look good on me?” should be. And well, we’ve got the perfect answer for that! Now the type of bangs can make or break your look, and if your face is round, we understand it can be a little more challenging getting it right. But keep reading because we’ve got just the thing you’re looking for—stylish bangs for round face.

Bangs for round face: styles you can totally rock

side swept bangs for round face
Side-swept bangs create a diagonal line that elongates the face. Credit:

1. Side-swept

Symmetry doesn’t really work on your favor, so uneven cuts and styles are your BFF. The diagonal line that side-swept bangs create adds the illusion of length to your face, making the roundness of it less obvious.

Editor’s tip: If you have super slippery hair, or if the side part is not your natural parting, chances are, your bangs are not going to stay side-swept. To make sure your side-swept doesn’t become a “down-fall,” set the style with a nice hairspray that won’t weigh your hair bangs down but at the same time would keep your bangs in place all day. Use TRESemmé Salon Finish Extra Hold Hairspray. This all-around hairstyle product leaves no stiffness or stickiness — just water-free, humidity-resistant flexible hold.

curtain bangs for round face
Make a slightly off-center parting. Credit:

2. Curtain

Curtain bangs work on a different face shapes, and that include round. You have to be careful not to make a smack-in-the-middle parting; go a little off-center so a diagonal line is created. Also, make sure the ends don’t touch the cheekbone as this would make your face look even wider. Bangs that touch the brows, or long bangs that end just above the jaw line make are ideal lengths that flatter the softness of your features.

Choppy and textured bangs for round face
Choppy bangs work for plump faces. Credit:

3. Choppy & Texture

The choppiness of this cut diffuses the roundness of the face. The uneven layers work at elongating it instead of widening it so the plumpness of your features is toned down. Plus, it’s also a very stylish, so there’s also that!

These bangs for round faces work because they counter the softness of your features, faking the length and making your face appear slimmer. They’re surely worth a try!

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