5 Androgynous haircuts you can try

Be the chicest gender-bender with these androgynous haircuts.  

Still think your hairstyle options are limited by your gender? Come on guys, it’s 2018! At this point in time, we should be able to have any hairstyle we choose to have, whether it’s a Rapunzel-length ‘do or a totally trendy androgynous haircut. And we won’t just wear it–we’ll rock it with aplomb.


The thing is, getting a major hair makeover can be a daunting experience. It can feel overwhelming to ask for a drastic change, especially if you’re planning to have several inches chopped off in one fell swoop. A gender-fluid haircut will force you out of your comfort zone. It might even be a life-changing experience. But it’ll definitely give you an added boost of confidence, and heads will surely be turning your way because let’s face it: an androgynous ‘do is totally hot right now (it’s all over the runways, after all!).


If you’re intrigued by this on-trend look, scroll down to see some of the hot androgynous haircuts you can try for your next makeover. Check them out!

Androgynous haircuts - Tight pixie Indigital
Androgynous haircuts – Tight pixie Credit: Indigital

Tight pixie

A chic, closely cropped pixie will work beautifully on ladies with oval faces–it showcases your desirable face shape (an oval face shape is considered ideal in the beauty world) and puts the emphasis on your delicate features. Use a dab of hair wax to tame cowlicks and flyaways.


Androgynous haircuts - Shag Indigital
Androgynous haircuts – Shag Credit: Indigital


We’ve all got a badass rockstar side. Bring it out with a stylish shag, which is guaranteed to give your look major style point. Pair it with bold eyeliner and to amp up the attitude.




Editor’s tip: If you find your shag getting limp midday, simply use  TRESemmé Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo, focusing at the roots, to rid your hair of grease and residue. You’ll have bouncy hair again in no time!


Androgynous haircuts - Buzz cut Indigital
Androgynous haircuts – Buzz cut Credit: Indigital

Buzz cut

Hair is a security blanket for a lot of women–many girls don’t want to cut their hair, fearing it’ll make them less beautiful. Not everyone can take the plunge, and we totally get why. But if you’re feeling brave, head to the barber and ask him to shave your locks off. This is one androgynous haircut that takes a lot of courage to pull off, but you’ll find that people will be admiring your guts wherever you go!


Androgynous haircuts - French bob Indigital
Androgynous haircuts – French bob Credit: Indigital

French bob

Is it a real bob, or a grown-out pixie? Whatever it is, we love how this androgynous hairstyle brings out your features and makes your cheekbones pop.




Editor’s tip: In a rush and can’t take the time to blow dry your hair in the morning? A slicked-back ‘do paired with statement earrings will make you look effortlessly chic. Use TONI&GUY High Definition Spray Wax to keep your hair in place while infusing shine.


Androgynous haircuts - Hair Tattoo Shutterstock
Androgynous haircuts – Hair Tattoo Shutterstock

Hair Tattoo

Go bold and beautiful with art. Make your head a canvass and a medium for expression. There are endless choices for a hair tattoo, depends on the skills of your stylist. Sporting a hair tattoo is no longer exclusive to men, it is now also enjoyed by women all over the world.



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