6 Shag hairstyles and haircuts for the Filipina

Classic short shag hairstyles work not just for the distinctive face shapes of Filipinas, but also the hairdos they like to sport in the Philippines’ indecisive weather.

Shag hairstyles – that tousled chic-mess-of-hair look we like to credit to just getting out of bed – are making a comeback from their heydays in the 60s and 70s. After seeing American TV actresses like Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland and January Jones of Madmen fame go shaggy on Instagram in 2017, the shag hairstyle has slowly crept into fashionable consciousness once again. Characterized by the layers from short at the top to long towards the bottom, the shag can give anyone a sophisticated disshevelled look. And even when everyone is showing off the ‘do, it can still look different depending on the way you want to style it.

Filipinas don’t need reminding, though, since the shaggy look is one that suits the fluctuating conditions of the tropics (and comes almost naturally with the daily commute). Its feathered texture and feminine cut matches a variety of hair lengths, face shapes, and stylish sensibilities for the features of Asian women – it’s all just a matter of hair inspiration now. Of the many ways, we give you six to flaunt.

Shag hairstyles Filipinas will love

1. Straight and Neat

shag hairstyles
Not all shags are messy. Credit: indigitalimages

That’s right – you can keep your sleek, straight locks and still carry the rock n’ roll vibe of the shag. That’s the fun of this hairstyle: it’s a bundle of contradictions!

Editor’s Tip: Despite the layers, manage just how much mess you want in the ‘do with the TONI&GUY High Shine Serum Drops. Apply it to your hair while damp and get a silky feeling with the glossy finish.

shag hairstyles
Keep it light, fun, and long at the bottom. Credit: iStockphoto

2. Long and Wispy Shag

When you get to the salon, tell your hairstylist to lay off the chops and give you softer layers. Put the volume at the top, but keep the bottom long and generous with the length. Yes, shags are usually shorter, so this look can be your modern take on the hairstyle.

3. Shaggy Bob with Bangs

shaggy hairstyles
Go back to the roots of the hairstyle and wear it like a retro ‘do. Credit: indigitalimages

Once upon a time, shag hairstyles were simply known as shaggy bobs. Over time, it acquired other names like the “gypsy,” which came as no surprise knowing the shag made waves (literally) in the swinging 1960s. When trying to reclaim the original style of the shag, try full or side-parted bangs that graze the eyebrow to soften the unkempt look.

4. Full-On Shag Hairstyle

shaggy hairstyles
The new shag is loud, but soft. Credit: iStockphoto

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, as they say. Do the shag hairstyle as it was meant to be: scrunched, tousled, and full of body!

Editor’s Tip: Pump up the volume with TONI&GUY Sky High Volume Dry Shampoo. It maintains over-all dramatic body that can keep shag hairstyles bouncy all day.

5. Messy Pixie Shag

messy pixie shag hairstyle
Is it a shag or a pixie? One thing’s for sure: it’s all about texture. Credit: indigitalimages

What’s fun about this look is that it combines two styles at once! You could say that it’s a way to wear your pixie, or a way to pixie-fy your shag. Whichever it is, just check off the boxes that show off the top-heavy layers and bangs that are longer on the sides than on the front.

6. Wavy Shag

Model with brown shaggy bob styled in a fashion show backstage
Shaggy bob for diamond shaped face. Credit: ImaxTree

This shag is perfect for longer, thicker hair lengths that are just dying to be styled. If your look needs an upgrade but you don’t want to go for a drastic cut, spritz on some TONI&GUY Sea Salt Texturising Spray to get both volume and waves on your layers.

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