Beach model summer hairstyles

11 hairstyles that are perfect for summer in the Philippines

Get your hair ready for the heat with these summer hairstyles for long hair!

Around the time when March, April, and May roll in, the heat intensifies in this tropical country and summer hairstyles for long hair abound. We specifically went on a mission to find summer hairstyles for long hair for ladies who invested in growing their hair for the summer — probably in the hopes of Aphrodite-like beachy waves — but are left wanting for some sun and sand while they’re stuck in the city. And if these summer hairstyles don’t leave you itching for the beach, we’ll at least make your time working worth the effort to style your hair until you can let it down!

11 summer hairstyles for long hair in the Philippines

1. Double bun

Don’t get sticky hair on your neck in this heat. Have a little fun and fix your hair into pigtails, before rolling them up into these iconic 90s-inspired double buns.

easy updos - double bun
Easy updo: Double bun. Credit: iStock

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2. Victory curl puff

What better way to sport a retro hairstyle than in the summer? Try these vintage curls at the top of your head.

Dries Van Noten SS 2016 retro hairstyles
Wear a puff with your hair down for a stylish take on retro hairstyles. Credit: indigitalimages

3. Twisted crown

Just as romantic as the crown braid, but with a different texture, the twisted crown is a great hairstyle for both the beach and the city in the summer.

twisted crown hair braidKeep your twisted hair in place by adding texture and setting with hairspray. Credit:

4. Wavy beach hair

Nothing says, “Long hair, don’t care,” as much as beachy waves!
woman with wavy hairstyle.
Make it a night — or day! — to remember with your hair! Credit: indigitalimages

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5. Goddess braids

No, goddess braids are NOT just for Boracay!

tight shot of goddess braids from fashion week
Let a few strands loose to soften tight goddess braids. Crediti: indigitalimages

6. Inverted braid

Weave up to your bun for that added detail to a casual messy look.

easy updos - upside-down braid

7. Blonde hair

Go light and golden for the summer to match your sun-kissed tan.

shades of blonde: strawberry blonde
Strawberry blonde is a great shade for those with pale skin. Credit: iStock

8. Boho hair

What better time than summer to try out all those Coachella-inspired looks you’ve been obsessed with?

braided bangs bohemian hairstyles
Bohemian hairstyles are all about braids. Credit: iStock

9. Modern beehive

Retro, sophisticated, and hot. Pair a modern beehive hairstyle with a fashionable resort look. Your ‘gram will love it!

greek hairstyles christmas party hairstyles - beehive hair
Aim for height! Credit:

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10. Half-up braids

Summer is a time to let your hair down, but you can definitely keep a handful of strands up with these laid-back braids.

A look perfect for a super casual, outdoor affair.

11. Beachy shag

Recreate that I’ve-been-at-the-beach-all-weekend look with this shag hairstyle.

how to style bangs with beachy waves
Beach-inspired bangs. Credit: IMAXtree