Asian woman showing off a bob hairstyle with headband

Our Favorite Bob Hairstyles for Pinays

Create head-turning looks with these short hair ideas.

Looking for ways to jazz up your short hair? Then these bob hairstyles are for you! Whether you have a chin-length haircut or a long bob, these hairstyles will elevate your look. They also don’t require much prep time, so you can do them even if you’re in a hurry.

Are you into braids for short hair? How about a bob cut with bangs? You’ll find them in this roundup, so check them out and pick your favorites!

10 Bob Hairstyles to Try

1. Chin-Length Bob With Headband

Asian woman with a bob hairstyle with a headband
Wear a headband to look neat and chic when working from home. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Putting on a headband is a quick way to style a bob. Just wrap it around your head, tie a knot, and you’re all set!

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2. Hair Clips

Asian woman with a long bob with a hair clip
Jazz up your short hair quickly by putting on a clip. Credit: Cottonbro from Pexels

If you only have seconds to spare, go for this bob hairstyle. Just comb your hair (or not, if you like messy-chic looks) and put a hair clip on one side. So easy, right?

3. Bob Cut With Bangs

Asian woman with a bob cut with bangs
Use a hair roller to give your bangs a good shape. Credit: Dennie Ramon

A bouncy bob with full bangs looks fresh and youthful. This hairstyle also helps give balance to a round face shape.

4. Pigtails for Short Hair

Asian woman with pigtails for short hair
Wispy bangs add character to this pigtail hairstyle. Credit: Anh Tuan for Pexels

Want a cute hairstyle for school? Put your hair in pigtails. To do this, divide your hair into two equal sections and tie each side. If you have bangs, finger-comb them to make them wispy for a Korean-inspired look.

5. Short Hair With Curtain Bangs

Asian woman with a bob with curtain bangs
If full bangs look too heavy for you, try curtain bangs. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Speaking of Korean-inspired hairstyles, here’s another one: short hair with curtain bangs. This type of fringe elevates a simple bob haircut, making it chic and runway-ready.

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6. Headband Braid

Asian woman with short curly hair with a headband braid
Try this short hair braid on your curly bob. Credit: Natasha Estelle

This hairstyle for short kulot hair keeps strands off your face while letting you showcase your natural curls. To create this ‘do, take a section of hair near your left ear. Then, make a Dutch braid. Plait from your left ear to the top of your head and right ear. Add more strands to your braid as you go along. When the braid reaches your right ear, secure the tips with an elastic. Lastly, put the braid in place with a bobby pin.

7. Half Updo for Short Hair

Side view of an Asian woman with short hair in a half updo
Style your short hair this way to keep your strands in place when commuting. Credit: Min An from Pexels

You can tie your hair with a scrunchie, an elastic, or a plain hair tie. But if you want to minimize hair pulling, create a half updo using a hair clip that’s big enough to hold your hair.

8. Half-Up Top Knot

Asian woman with short hair with a half-up top knot
Love hair buns? Try this ‘do. Credit: Shutterstock

Breeze through the day’s tasks without worrying about your hair. Put it in a half-up top knot, and you won’t need to restyle it in the middle of the day.

9. Messy Lob With Hair Studs

Asian woman with tousled medium-length hair
Add sparkly hair studs to elevate a tousled hairstyle. Credit: All things Hair

This hairstyle adds sparkle to a casual look. It also complements party outfits, making it a day-to-night hairstyle.

10. Straight A-Line Bob

Asian woman with a straight A-line bob
Angled tips keep this bob haircut from looking plain. Credit: All Things Hair

An A-line bob has short hair at the back that gradually becomes longer as it approaches the front. Highlight the shape of your bob by ironing your hair straight.

There you go! You can still play around with different hairstyles even if you have short hair. Let these ideas inspire you.