Short Haircuts for Long Faces: 8 Looks We Love

Check out our favorite short haircuts for long faces to inspire our next hair makeover!

When you have a long face, getting a short haircut can be tricky. If not done right, the short haircut you just got can make your face look out of proportion—with chin poking out below your slim face silhouette. But short haircuts for long faces are definitely a yes, and we’re here to show you which ones are perfect for that face shape. Read on to get ideas so you can tell your stylist what short haircut you like.

The Best Short Haircuts for Long Faces

1. Blunt Lob

Short haircuts for long faces: Asian woman with a straight blunt lob wearing a black top
A simple blunt lob is a good way to start wearing short haircuts for long faces. Credit: Hariono Halim

One trick to wearing short haircuts for long faces well is to get the cut past your chin. A blunt lob is a perfect way to start, as its length complements the length of your face. This way, your facial features look balanced and in good proportion.

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2. Short Pixie Cut

Short haircuts for long faces: Closeup shot of a woman with short pixie cut wearing earrings
Be proud of your face shape and showcase it with a short pixie cut. Credit:

With a long face shape, you either get the cut past your jawline or have your short haircut way above it. If you prefer the latter, a short pixie cut is your best bet. Go for this haircut if you have a long but petite face; the short pixie cut can help brighten up your face.

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3. Pixie Cut with Short Bangs

Short haircuts for long faces: Closeup of a woman with pixie cut with bangs wearing dangling earrings
Wear long earrings together with your pixie cut for a catwalk-ready look. Credit:

If you’re feeling self-conscious about your face length, add bangs to your pixie cut to somehow “shorten” your face. This haircut can even make you look high-fashion, especially when you walk with your chin up!

4. Curly Pixie Cut

Asian woman with curly pixie cut wearing a white blouse and black pants
A curly pixie cut always looks party-ready. Credit: Hariono Halim

Got natural curls? Get a curly pixie cut for an effortlessly edgy look. The extra volume on the top part of your head gives your long face dimension. Plus, your hair looks styled even if you didn’t do much!

5. Wavy Lob with Blunt Bangs

Asian woman with wavy lob and blunt bangs wearing a brown top and black skirt
If you have thin hair, make it wavy to provide balance to your long face. Credit: Hariono Halim

Whether your waves are natural or styled with a curling iron, you can sport a lob to complement your long face. Blunt bangs can help frame your face, aside from adding an edgy element to your look.

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6. Straight Medium Bob with Blunt Bangs

Asian woman with straight lob and blunt bangs wearing layered clothing outdoors
Nail a straight, sleek look with shiny and frizz-free hair. Credit:

Add oomph to a simple straight haircut by adding blunt bangs. And with shiny black hair to go with this short haircut for long faces, you’ll definitely turn heads wherever you go!

7. Curly Short Pixie Cut with Short Bangs

Short haircuts for long faces: Closeup shot of a woman with short curly pixie cut wearing dangling earrings
Scrunch your curls to create a tousled ‘do. Credit:

If you have naturally thin, curly hair and a long face, you can sport a short pixie cut with baby bangs. Aside from being edgy, this haircut also gives you an effortlessly tousled look that’s perfect if you’re in the mood for a bit of mess.

8. Medium Bob with Baby Bangs

Short haircuts for long faces: Closeup shot of a woman with a wavy bob with baby bangs wearing a white top
Keep your baby bangs in good shape by ironing them. Credit:

Want a slightly shorter bob to go with your long face? You can do that, as long as your short haircut ends a bit below your jawbone to balance out the face length. You can also add baby bangs if you want a fierce, high-fashion look.

Now that you know the best short haircuts for long faces, you can choose which one best suits your personality. Whatever haircut you pick, just make sure you wear it with confidence to nail a look that truly slays.