Natural Hair Straightener Hacks: Get Straight Hair Without Using Heat!

All Things Hair Team | 11 August 2019
Natural hair straightener: Asian woman with long straight black hair wearing a mustard-colored top

Straightening hair often involves copious amounts of heat and chemicals that can further damage your hair. Find out how you can achieve straight hair without using heat at all!

When you think of straightening your hair, it often involves hitting the salon and getting a straightening treatment. Hair relaxing, keratin smoothing treatment, or even hair rebonding⁠—they’re all designed to give you the sleek hair of your dreams. But did you know that there are tricks that can you give you that sans all those treatments? Good news is, there are actually more natural hair straightener hacks that you can resort to when you want pin-straight locks. Here they are.

1. Comb until it’s dry

Closeup shot of a woman combing her hair as a natural hair straightener hack
Pull your hair gently while combing to help in straightening it. Credit: Shutterstock

This natural hair straightener hack does require some effort on your part, but it’s worth saving your hair from the use of chemicals. After washing your hair, let it air dry or stand in front of a fan while brushing it every constantly using a wide-tooth comb. Just keep at it until your hair dries. It would also help to pull your hair a bit with your hands every few minutes.

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Editor’s Tip: As you comb through your hair while waiting for it to dry, you can also apply TONI&GUY High Shine Serum Drops and apply it on your hair. This way, you’re also lessening the frizz and adding more gloss to your hair.

2. Wrap your hair around jumbo rollers

Woman with jumbo rollers on her hair as a natural hair straightener
Yes, even these old school jumbo rollers can help! Credit: Shutterstock

It might seem counterintuitive but using big hair rollers can help achieve silky smooth hair. First, section your towel-dried hair to fit the rollers’ width. Then, comb it up and wrap your hair flat against the roller. Secure them on your head and wait to dry out before releasing and combing it through. Who would’ve thought that hair rollers can be natural hair straighteners, too?

3. Pat dry with a soft but ultra-absorbent towel

Woman wearing a bathrobe towel-drying her hair in the bathroom
Be mindful of the towel you use when drying your hair. Credit: Shutterstock

You may not even be aware of it but even the kind of towel you use to dry your hair can affect how your hair ends up looking once it’s dry. To prevent damage and frizz, we recommend using a soft ultra-absorbent towel to gently wick the moisture out from your hair. You can also use an old t-shirt—its smooth fabric won’t damage your hair.

Cream Silk Standout Straight Leave-On Cream

Editor’s tip: Apply a drop of Cream Silk Standout Straight Leave-On Cream on your half-damp or dry hair to help make it smoother. Feel free to reapply it in the middle of the day to keep your hair nourished and frizz-free. 

4. Skip a hair wash

Woman with long straight dark brown hair wearing a whilte off-shoulder top
Let your natural oils keep your hair moisturized and straight. Credit: Shutterstock

If you have wavy and frizzy hair that prevents you from getting the silky smooth and straight hair that you want, then you may want to skip washing your hair every single day. This is to allow your scalp’s natural oil—which acts as a natural hair straightener—to flow through your strands. This helps keep your hair nourished on its own while controlling the frizz.

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Editor’s Tip: If you feel uncomfortable not washing your hair every single day, use TRESemme Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo to refresh your hair and remove dirt in between washes.

5. Use moisturizing hair products

Hair care tips for thin hair: Use hair mask.
Pamper your hair with your favorite hair mask. Credit: Shutterstock

From the shampoo and conditioner you use down to the styling products that you apply on a daily and weekly basis, it’s important to make sure that their formulas contribute to making your hair more manageable. Go for those that prevent dryness and frizz and those that add more moisture to the strands.

TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Treatment Mask

Editor’s Tip: Add TRESemme Keratin Smooth Treatment Mask to your weekly hair care routine to help condition and refine your hair from the root down to the tips.

A little effort can go a long way, and even simple tricks can give you the hair of your dreams! These natural hair straightener hacks can preserve your hair’s health and help in achieving that natural-looking straight hair!

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