Asian woman blow-drying her hair

Blow-Dry Your Hair Like a Pro in 5 Easy Steps

Do you know how to blow dry your hair the right way? Here are things to remember when styling your hair with this trusty tool. 

Why is it important to know the right way to blow-dry your hair? There are rules to everything, and blow-drying your hair is no exception. If you’ve been just blasting your hair with blow dryer air thoughtlessly, then you’re doing it all wrong. And doing it wrong will not only keep you from achieving that perfect hairstyle, but you’ll also be causing damage to your locks.

Before you go about drying your hair, make sure you choose the best hair dryer for your hair type. This way, you dry your hair efficiently and also minimize heat damage.

How to Blow Dry Your Hair Like a Pro infographic
Pick the hair dryer that works best for your hair type. Design: Bianca Dodds

Now, you’re ready to blow dry like a pro! Follow these tips and techniques to get the most out of your blow drying session.

Here’s How to Blow Dry Hair Properly

1. Wait until your hair is at least 60 percent dry

Blow dry your hair: Asian woman with long dark hair wearing a white shirt
Read a book or finish some chores while waiting for your hair to dry naturally.

Your hair is most vulnerable when wet, and considering how a lot of heat and a lot of pulling and tugging are involved in blow drying, you’ll be increasing the possibility of getting damaged hair if you start with sopping wet strands. Towel dry and wait until your hair is 60 percent dry or half damp before you reach for your blow dryer.

2. Prep your hair with a heat protectant

Blow dry hair: Asian woman spraying heat protectant on her long dark hair
Never style your hair with heated tools without spraying heat protectant first. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Heat is one of the most common enemies of your hair. Frequent use of high temperature to style your tresses causes severe damage, and blow-drying is an obvious culprit. To minimize heat damage, always, ALWAYS prep your hair with a heat protectant before letting any heated tool touch your strands.

Editor’s tip: Spritz TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Flat Iron Smoothing Spray to defend your locks from heat damage. It also helps tame frizz and flyaways, giving you a neat and polished look. 

3. Use the nozzle

Blow dry your hair: Asian woman blow drying her long dark hair
The nozzle is there for a good reason. Use it.

There’s a reason your blow dryer came with that little attachment thingy—you need it! To get a smooth look and perfect that hairstyle you’re going for, make sure the nozzle is attached to the blow dryer’s mouth. It helps directs the airflow to the part of your hair that you’re working on, which helps you achieve the look you want better than when the blow dryer is just blowing your strands all over the place.

4. Use the right brush

Blow dry your hair: Asian woman blow drying and brushing her medium-length dark hair
The right type of brush will help give your hair a good shape after blow drying.

Don’t just pick up any brush when you’re blow drying your hair. Different brushes have different effects. The bigger the brush, the smoother the hair. You can also choose ones with metal in the middle (or if you’re using a round brush, a metal core) as this would provide a smooth finish, just like how a flat iron does. Just make sure you don’t take too long blow drying your hair because the metal part heats up easily and tends to be more damaging.

Now, if you have coarse hair or if it’s prone to flyaways, choose a nylon bristle brush or a brush with a high bristle count. This provides enough tension for a smooth pull.

5. Don’t skip the finishing products

Blow dry hair: Asian woman with long straight black hair applying hair serum on her hair
Make freshly blow dried hair smooth and shiny with a drop of hair serum. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Make your blowout hairstyle last longer by using products that help seal the cuticles and provide a sleek finish. Using finishing products will keep your hair frizz-free throughout the day. When you’re done blow drying your hair, apply a small amount of hair serum or leave-on cream to the ends, then distribute evenly to the rest of your tresses. Don’t go overboard or your hair will end up looking greasy instead of gorgeous. Remember: a little goes a long way.

Editor’s tip: Put a drop of Cream Silk Standout Straight Leave-On Cream on your palms, rub your palms together, then apply the product on your hair to help get rid of frizz and make hair sleek and shiny. 

Hairstyles to try post-blow dry

A good blow dry is the foundation of almost every hairstyle, no matter the length of your hair. Now that you know how to blow dry your hair properly, get ready to create fab hairstyles. Here are some looks to start with.

1. Bouncy Blowout

Blow dry your hair: Asian woman with medium-length wavy black hair wearing a black printed dress
Keep hair light and bouncy with shampoo that nourishes your hair strands.

Blow drying can make your hair bouncy. How? Blow dry the back of your head while brushing your hair toward the direction of the air using a paddle brush. Then, blow dry the tips of your hair while brushing them with a roller brush to create an inward shape or to make waves. Use this technique when you want to make your thin and flat hair look thicker.

Editor’s tip: Keep your blowout waves from looking dry by applying a drop of Cream Silk Standout Straight Leave-On Cream to keep your hair nourished and moisturized.

2. High Ponytail

All Things Hair Live x Jay Wee event: Asian woman with high ponytail
Look sleek and chic with a perfect high ponytail.

Take this basic hairstyle to the next level by starting with a good blow dry. This way, when you tie your hair into a high ponytail, your strands stay smooth and well-behaved.

3. Curly Side-Part Hairstyle with Clips

Blow dry your hair: Asian woman with long dark hair with hair clips wearing a dress outdoors
Let your cute hair clips be the cherry on top of a perfectly blow-dried hair.

If you want to keep your hair down, a good blow dry can help give you the good hair day that you want. Then, just add a couple of cute hair clips on both sides of your hair, and you now have a super chic curly side part hairstyle.

4. Down ‘do with Bangs

Blow dry your hair: Asian woman with shoulder-length black hair with bangs wearing a white blouse outdoors
Blow dry your bangs down and straight so they stay in shape all day.

Bangs, especially blunt ones, always need styling help. You can’t let them dry on their own unless you want strands of hair on your forehead pointing to every direction. Blow dry your fringe down and straight, then proceed to the rest of your hair and style as you wish.

5. Braid Ponytail

Blow dry your hair: Asian woman with long black hair in a braid ponytail wearing a blue blouse
Blow dry your hair to make it ready for braiding. Credit: Hariono Halim

You can also go for a casual updo like the braid ponytail after blow drying your hair. This way, you’re sure that all your strands are dry (it’s never good to braid wet hair!) before you put your hair in an updo.

6. Short Hair with Clips

blow dry hair: Asian girl is wearing a printed top with pearly pins on her wavy hair
Jazz up your hair with pretty hair clips. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Enjoy your blow-dried hair by letting it bounce with your every move. You can also accessorize it with cute hair clips. You’ll definitely wow everyone with your cool and preppy look!

7. Wavy Down ‘Do

Asian woman is smiling with her wavy hair falling nicely around her shoulders
A good blowout can give you a good hair day. Credit: Natasha Estelle

With beautifully blow-dried hair, you can just simply let it down without styling it further. And if you have natural waves, your hair becomes bouncier.

8. Wavy Bob with a Deep Side-Part

blow dry hair: Girl looks elegant and regal as she puts her hand on her chin
Try this easy hairstyle for short hair when working from home. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Need a quick way to style your short wavy hair? Part it deeply on one side and put a bobby pin. It’s also a smart-looking hairstyle to wear when working from home.

Don’t let a whole lot of frizz and mess distract from an otherwise chic hairstyle. Blow drying your hair can make a whole lot of difference, and now that you know how to do it right, you can be your own hairstylist!