Asian woman combing her hair

Know the Different Hair Comb Types and Their Uses

Enjoy a great hair day when you style your hair using the right comb.

A hair comb is a styling staple. Before you tie or braid your hair, you’re most likely to comb it first to make it look neat (unless you’re gunning for a messy-chic hairstyle). But not all hair combs are the same. They come in different shapes and sizes, and each type has a specific use. To help you figure out their role in your hairstyling regimen, check out this list of commonly used hair combs and what each does to your hair.

Different Types of Hair Combs

1. All-Purpose Hair Comb

An all-purpose hair comb on a white background
From minor detangling to styling, this hair comb serves different purposes. Credit: Shutterstock

It has widely spaced teeth on one side for detangling and finely spaced ones on the other to smooth out your hair. The fine-tooth side also works well in taming stray strands popping out of your hairstyle, giving your look a neat finish. Keep this versatile comb in your beauty arsenal, as it can help you with various hairstyling needs.

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2. Detangling Hair Comb

A wide-tooth comb on a white background
It’s best to detangle wet hair using a wide-tooth comb. Credit: Shutterstock

Did you just wash your hair? Use a detangling comb, also called a wide-tooth comb, to get rid of hair knots. You see, your hair is at its weakest when it’s wet. Using a wide-tooth comb to detangle it minimizes friction between your comb and your strands, reducing the risk of hair breakage and damage.

Asian woman detangling her hair
Some detangling combs have a handle for better grip. Credit: Dennie Ramon

3. Rat-Tail Comb

A rat-tail comb against a white background
Create sleek or intricate hairstyles with the help of a rat-tail comb. Credit: Shutterstock

This comb has finely spaced bristles and a slim, pointed tail. You can use this comb to create sleek and smooth hairstyles like the wet hair look. You can also use it to tease your hair or to smooth out stray strands. The pointed tail also comes in handy when you need to part your hair cleanly or divide your hair into sections.

Asian woman teasing her hair with a rat-tail comb
Want to add volume? Tease your hair one section at a time using a rat-tail comb. Credit: Hariono Halim


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4. Pocket Comb

A small styling tool against a white background
Take this comb with you so you can freshen up anywhere you go. Credit: Shutterstock

As the name implies, this type of comb is small enough to fit in your pocket. A pocket comb often has finely spaced bristles. Men often use it because they usually wear their hair short. But women can also use it, especially for quick hair fixes while on the go.

5. Barber Comb

A styling tool n a white background
Use this to help you cut your hair or your bangs more precisely. Credit: Shutterstock

Like the all-purpose comb, a barber comb has a wide-tooth and a fine-tooth side. However, a barber comb is narrower and shorter on one end. Some even taper on the fine-tooth side. This design helps a barber trim one’s hair more precisely, especially when cutting hair close to the scalp. If you like DIY haircuts, have a barber comb ready at home.

6. Pick Comb

A hair pick on a white background
Got kulot hair? Style it with this hair pick. Credit: Shutterstock

Use a hair pick to style natural curls. Its long and widely spaced teeth detangle without tugging and pulling your hair too much. A hair pick also helps you showcase your curly hair’s natural volume.

To style your kulot hair using a hair pick, flip your hair and position the hair pick on the section near your nape. With the hair pick close to your roots, swiftly tug upward to add volume to this section of hair. Then, flip your hair back and repeat the tugging process with the rest of your hair. Make sure you pick the top, sides, and back of your hair for equal volume.

There you have it! Now that you know the different types of hair combs, you can get the ones that best suit your hairstyling needs.