Hair Brush 101: Are You Using the Right Brush for Your Hair Type?

Is there more to a hair brush? Find out and know the right kind you should be using for your hair type in this thorough guide!

“As long as it gets the combing done.” That’s what we’ve been taught and what we’ve thought about the hair brush. And so, whenever we see it come in different sizes and forms, we get a little overwhelmed, if not bewildered.

But that ends now. You see, there are different kinds of brushes for different reasons, and most importantly, for different hair types. Are you using the right hair brush for you? Find out in this simple guide.

1. The Wet Brush

Hair brush: An image of a wet brush in hot pink color with black bristles and pink tips
The wet brush is designed as your after-shower brush. Credit: Shutterstock

You’ve got knots right after washing your hair? From the name itself, this hair brush will be handy for you right after shower. With its cushion and soft bristles, it will loosen your tangles with gentle care. Just brush the ends of your hair first before working your way up.

Perfect for: Any hair type

2. The Cushion Brush

Hair brush: A wooden cushion brush with white bristles and black tips
The cushion brush is soft on your scalp and gentle on your strands. Credit: Shutterstock

Just like the wet brush, the cushion brush is designed for detangling your locks while they’re wet. You can even remove rows to suit your needs.

Perfect for: Curly hair types

Editor’s tip: Nourish your hair to strengthen it before all the detangling and pulling. Use the Cream Silk Damage Control Conditioner to transform your hair to softer, resilient hair instantly.

3. The Paddle Brush

Hair brush: A wooden paddle brush with black bristles
This big hair brush does a lot of combing in one stroke, thanks to its big size. Credit: Shutterstock

With its wide bristles and coverage, you’d be paddling through your tangles and smoothening them! The paddle brush will also help tame your frizz without causing any breakage.

Perfect for: Fine hair

Side ponytail: Asian woman wearing dark blue blouse brushing her long black hair and standing against an oyster-colored background
Gently brush your hair to get rid of tangles. Credit: Hariono Halim

4. The Round Brush

Hair brush: The round brush in three different sizes, each in a bronze and brown color combinatiton
From small to large curls, there’s a round brush for you. Credit: Shutterstock

If you love blowout hairstyles, this hair brush is your best friend. This will help you achieve your desired volume and curls in sizes you want.

Perfect for: Medium to thick wavy hair types

Blow dry your hair: Asian woman blow drying and brushing her medium-length dark hair
The right type of brush will help give your hair a good shape after blow drying. Credit: Hariono Halim

5. The Mixed Bristle Brush

A wooden hair brush with mixed bristles of nylon and boar in brown, black, and white combination
A mixed bristles brush has the right balance of toughness and softness on your hair. Credit: Shutterstock

Because of the boar bristles tossed in, this hair brush’s detangling magic gets topped up with the trick of distributing your hair’s natural oils even to the ends. Shiny hair dreams do come true!

Perfect for: Fine, straight, and oily hair types

Editor’s tip: Managing your oils starts with the products you use to wash your hair. Choose the Love Beauty and Planet Radical Refresher Conditioner to purify your tired and greasy scalp with natural Australian Tea Tree Oil and refined Vetiver aroma.

6. The Vented Brush

A blue and black hair brush with vents on its head and blue-tipped bristles
Like windows, the vents of this hair brush gives the air and heat an open access to your hair. Credit: Shutterstock

Always on the go? The vents on this hair brush will help speed up your hair’s drying time. This is also perfect for girls who constantly style their hair with heating tools as the heat gets better access to your hair, decreasing its exposure and potential damage.

Perfect for: Medium to thick straight hair types

7. The Wide Tooth Comb

Hair brush: A slim black comb with wide teeth
The wide tooth comb is as great as your finger-comb in styling your hair. Credit: Shutterstock

From drying your hair to managing your thick mane, the wide tooth comb will do great wonders for you. Unlike other brushes with bristles that gives stress on your hair, this type of hair brush gently combs through your hair without separating your strands too much.

Perfect for: Thick hair types

How to brush curly hair: Asian woman combing her dark curly hair and wearing a fuchsia blouse
Out with a brush and in with a wide-toothed comb. Credit: Hariono Halim

Styling your hair doesn’t only need the right look and products. You should also have the right tools you need to get that healthy and good-looking hair, like a hair brush that’s exactly perfect for you.