How to choose the right heat protectant spray

Bring this along when you’re out shopping for your next holy-grail heat protectant!

Styling tools have become a huge part of our everyday lives—from blow dryers, flat irons, to curling wands—and all that styling causes dry, damaged hair (the things we do for a good hair day, right?). So a good heat protectant spray for hair is definitely a must-have in our beauty kit.

But we don’t just want any heat protectant. What we need are those that are able to also repair our hair from damage. Do those exist? Of course they do!

So here’s a checklist of what to look for when shopping for your next go-to heat protectant spray.

Always go for maximum hair protection

It goes without saying that you definitely need a product that promises hair protection from heat styling. So check to make sure the heat protectant has silicones as part of its ingredients list to ensure that it will coat and help guard your hair against heat damage. Two of the more common silicones found in heat protectant sprays are cyclomethicone (which coats your hair in a moisturizing film) and dimethicone (which keeps hair smooth and prevents moisture loss).

Heat protectant spray: Asian woman sprayingh eat protectant on her long black hair and wearing a long sleeved striped shirt
A heat protectant and anti-frizz product in one? Major check!

Find a product that combats frizz

When paired with the right flat iron, a good heat protectant not only protects hair from heat damage but also helps to combat frizz by locking in moisture and sealing the hair cuticle. So pick a product that combats frizz to keep your hair smooth through the day (no matter the weather!).

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Protect your hair with a conditioning mist

Moisture is your best friend when it comes to repairing your hair from damage. After all, hair damage is exacerbated when your hair loses moisture — which is what happens when you run your hair through the blow dryer or flat iron it straight. To combat the dryness and prevent your hair from fizzling out, pick a hair protectant spray that offers moisturizing properties that condition your hair. Look to see if the product contains glycerin, shea butter, or aloe vera.

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Keratin is your best friend

Our hair is mainly made up of keratin, the protein that protects epithelial cells from damage or stress. It is no surprise that keratin is a common feature in most hair care products—particularly hydrolyzed keratin. It helps strengthen your hair by increasing hair’s moisture retention. This reduces breakage and keeps your hair feeling lush and lustrous. So for the best heat protectant, look for one that has hydrolyzed keratin in its ingredients list.

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The applicator matters

When it comes to hair styling, the applicator of a product matters. It determines how well the product is applied to your hair. For a good mist of heat protectant, look for a spray nozzle that dispenses the product evenly in a light mist. This way, it will coat your hair evenly without getting your strands damp.

Heat protectant spray: Closeup shot of an Asian woman with long straight black hair wearing a black dress outdoors
Don’t forget to spritz heat protectant before straightening your hair.

1. Glamorously straight hair

With the flat iron coming in direct contact with your hair when straightening, imagine how much damage this heated styling tool can cause your hair if you forget to spritz heat protectant. Always have a bottle of heat protectant on your dresser so you’re always prepared.

Heat protectant spray: Asian woman with short dark pixie cut wearing a red long-sleeved blouse against a champagne-colored background
Go for sleek, edgy, and damage-free hair.

2. Sleek pixie cut

Aside from hairspray with medium to strong hold, a heat protectant that doubles as an anti-frizz product can also do wonders to a sleek pixie cut hairstyle. Spritz heat protectant on your damp hair before blow-drying to achieve this look.

Heat protectant: Asian woman with long dark wavy hair with hair clips wearing a blue cardigan and white dress outdoors
Spray heat protectant to the tips of your hair before curling.

3. Curly side part hairstyle with hair clips

If you’re only curling sections of your hair, you still need to spray heat protectant on those sections so they don’t get damaged. Hold the bottle around 15 to 20 cm away from your hair when you spray so your tresses don’t get drenched with this product. Then, you can rock the curly side part hairstyle with healthier hair.

Heat protectant spray: Closeup shot of an Asian woman with black flipped-out short bob wearing a yellow dress outdoors
Protect your bob from heat damage so you can rock different hairstyles.

4. Flipped-out short bob

Spray heat protectant on your hair first. Then, to create the flipped-out shape of this hairstyle, hold the nozzle of your blow dryer close to your hair and brush the tips of your bob outwards. Easy, right?

Heat protectant spray: Closeup shot of an Asian woman with long dark wavy hair wearing a white long-sleeved top in a cafe
Spray heat protectant first before you wrap your hair around a barrel curler.

5. Long hair with curly side fringe

Going for big waves? Choose a heat protectant that’s big on protection, too! When going for long hair with curly side fringe, spray heat protectant generously on your hair before curling.

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Have fun blow drying, straightening, and curling your hair, as long as you spray heat protectant first before styling. This way, your hair stays healthy and damage-free so you can rock any hairstyle you want.

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