sea salt hair spray guide

Consider this your ultimate guide to sea salt hair spray

Nail those beautiful textured hairstyles by taking these sea salt hair spray tips to heart!

If you haven’t mastered the art of using sea salt hair spray, this article is for you. We have always expressed our love for this product and you probably haven’t heard the last of it—it’s beach on a bottle, gives us beach hair anytime, anywhere, so you can’t really blame us! Now if you have yet to discover the awesomeness of this styling spray for yourself, let us help you get started.

Sea salt hair spray is a hair styling product that gives you salt-water-sculpted hair. You know how you get beautiful natural-looking waves after you’ve spent time frolicking in the sea? You can recreate that on dry land with a few spritz of this thing! It provides body, texture, and grip, making it an ideal product for tousled, textured hairstyles like beachy waves.

In order to make sea salt hair spray work for you, you have to know how to use it correctly. So we put together some useful for tips for you on styling with this product so you can achieve the “bends” of your dreams.

Sea salt hair spray: Your ultimate guide

sea salt hair spray
Sea salt hair spray gives you a “wend”–something between a wave and a bend. Credit: Shutterstock

What to expect?

Let’s set your expectations: if you’re going for big, luscious, well-defined waves, you might want to use a hair mousse instead. Sea salt hair spray gives you something between a wave and a bend, a “wend” as they call it. Of course you need the help of your trusty styling tools to achieve this—simply spraying this on your hair won’t magically add waves to your locks, especially if you don’t naturally have them. To get wends, spray sea salt hair spray all over damp hair, blow dry, then use a curling iron or a rounded flat iron to add in the waves.

We recommend: TONI&GUY Sea Salt Texturising Spray. This bestseller has a reputation for serious styling credentials, giving damp and dry hair texture and body so you can really get the grips to styling your hair, your way. For beach waves or a festival feel, this defines and separates the hair fibers for natural, tousled movement.

How much should you use?

It actually depends on your hair type, the type of waves you want to achieve, and the exact product you’ll use. You can layer it up to get your desired effect. Try practicing before a big event where you plan to debut your runway-ready bedhead look, and see how much the style you want requires. Practice always makes perfect!

where to apply sea salt hair spray
Sea salt hair spray also works at giving your hair a bit of a lift. Credit: Shutterstock

Where do you apply it?

Sea salt hair spray also works at giving your hair a bit of a lift. So if you have flat, limpy hair, you can use this product, focusing on your roots, to add volume. If you have long hair and your roots don’t really need lifting, don’t deposit too much of the product onto the roots, and instead, spray it on mid-lengths through the ends.

when to apply sea salt hair spray
Apply sea salt hair spray on damp hair. Credit: Shutterstock

When do you apply it?

Applying it on damp hair is the most ideal. Wait until your mane is about 60-70% dry, give it a generous spritz, and blow dry, styling it as desired.

Now that you know how to correctly use the sea salt hair spray, the next step is to discover all the beautiful styles you can create with it. Get all the inspiration you need in this article.