how to use hair mask for dry hair

Our favorite hair mask for dry hair + how to use it

Find out which hair mask for dry hair we use as weapon for combating damage and dehydration.

Everyday we expose our hair to drying and damaging conditions: over-washing and using harsh shampoos, frequently using heated styling tools, standing under the sun for too long, applying chemical treatments, including hair color, perms, rebond—the list goes on. So yeah, we can definitely be a lot kinder to our hair. But as much as we feel guilty about it, we can’t really avoid some of these things, so the next best thing we can do is make up for it.

Your hair would totally appreciate it if you’d add an extra step in your routine, to pamper your tresses and bring back the moisture it’s lost somewhere in the middle of your beach trip. Our favorite extra step? Hair mask for dry hair.

You see, our strands have a protective layer called the cuticle which shields them from damage. When your hair’s healthy, the cuticles lie tightly together, protecting your hair from harmful elements and keeping the moisture in. But when it’s damaged, the cuticle’s layers peel away from the hair and its ability to hold moisture is compromised.

Dry hair quickly absorbs moisture but quickly loses it, too. So using a hair mask that’s specifically formulated for dry hair is a great way to moisturize and condition your tresses intensively. It also fights frizz, boosts its shine, nourish your strands and improve your hair’s overall condition, so it’s really a winner.

Our favorite hair mask for dry hair

We found a product that we totally adore: TONI&GUY Damage Repair Mask.

This intense treatment is great for parched hair because its advanced formula helps cushion the hair cuticle and replenish lost moisture, providing your tresses with hydrated shine and enhanced softness. But to make sure you’re getting all the benefits it offers, you gotta know how to make it work on your strands to its full ability.

How to use it

hair mask for dry hair
Keep your mane moisturized with hair mask for dry hair. Credit: iStock

Start with clean, wet hair

Your cuticles are raised when wet so this makes it easier for your strands to absorb the mask. Just gently wring out the excess water from your hair after wash so it’s not soaking wet.

Make sure you use the right amount

The amount of product you need will depend on the thickness and length of your hair. If your locks are thick and long, you may need to use more; but if your tresses are short, or fine and thin, you wouldn’t need much. Make sure you don’t overload your hair with more product than you need to avoid weighing your hair down.

Mind the time

Read the instructions on the pack and only leave the hair mask on your hair for the time specified. Don’t leave your hair unrinsed longer than what’s been recommended (we promise, leaving it on for longer won’t make the hair mask work any better).

Rinse it out

Make sure you wash the hair mask out completely. You don’t want to end up with dandruff due to product buildup so rinse your hair thoroughly each time. If you need extra moisture, use a leave-on conditioner as the finishing touch.

We recommend: Cream Silk Standout Straight Leave-On Cream. This product has a non-sticky and ultra-light formula which is great for adding that finishing touch to your hair.

So keep your hair moisturized with a great hair mask for dry hair, and watch your mane get healthier, smoother, more beautiful!