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Top Benefits of Using Organic Styling Gel + Best At-Home Gel Recipes You Can Try!

The demand for organic hair products have been consistently on the rise. It does seem as though more and more consumers are looking into getting what they need from these beauty products, while also being conscious about its effects on the environment and the long-term effects on their hair and scalp. In addition to organic shampoos and conditioners, there’s also a steady demand for organic styling products — particularly with organic styling gels.

Hair gels have also become a staple part of our beauty arsenal because of how they can help when it comes to styling our hair that stays on for long. However, most of the hair gels you see in stores are those that are chemical-ridden and contain a strong chemical-like smell as well.

Read on as we take a look at why you should make the switch to organic styling gel and how easy it is to make one for yourself with ingredients you already have at home!

5 Benefits of Using Organic Hair Styling Gel

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Going organic can do wonders for your hair. Credit: Pexels

1. Gentler on the skin

One of the main benefits of using organic styling gels is that it’s stripped off harmful chemicals and other synthetic ingredients that you normally find in traditional hair products. These ingredients tend to irritate your scalp, particularly so if you have sensitive skin. Organic hair products, on the other hand, have next to zero synthetic ingredients and are mainly composed of natural ingredients like proteins, vitamins, essential oils, and fruit extracts — all of which are packed with various nutrients and other benefits for your hair and skin.

Editor’s tip: You don’t have to look far to find hair products with more natural ingredients. A perfect example of this is CLEAR Botanique Scalp Care Shampoo that is infused with essential oils such as lavender, rosemary, bergamot, grapefruit, and tea tree — all of which have natural anti-microbial properties that aid in cleansing and strengthening your scalp to get rid of dandruff.

2. Suitable for all skin & hair types

Speaking of gentle, an organic styling gel would most likely be suitable for different skin and hair types as well. A certain gel might have a particular benefit that you can’t find in another, but most organic gels would likely be safe to use regardless of your skin and hair type. This eliminates the fear of stumbling into a certain ingredient that may cause a reaction to your hair or scalp, especially if you’re not that familiar with what type of hair and skin you have.

3. Promotes better hair health

With prolonged and extensive use of traditional hair products, you can expect your hair’s condition to make a turn for the worse over time. For example, the chemicals found in traditional hair products can actually be drying and strip your hair of its moisture, making it prone to breakage. They may seem effective at first but actually have adverse effects in the long run.

On the other hand, organic hair products like organic styling gels do the exact opposite. It provides you with what you need, while also providing the nutrients that your hair needs to grow healthily and beautifully sans the use of petrochemicals like silicone.

Editor’s tip: Choose hair products with a natural hero ingredient like coconut. Sunsilk Naturals Coconut Hydration Shampoo has coconut water and vitamins that have a host of benefits like cleansing and hydrating your hair while leaving you feeling fresh.

4. Better for the environment

Sometimes, it’s not just about the benefits that organic products provide your hair. It’s also about how beneficial it is for the environment as well. From how the ingredients are sourced to the effects of excess product going down the drain, it’s important to recognize how the hair products you use can affect the environment. Using an organic hair gel helps in this, especially in supporting a more sustainable form of agriculture given that all of the ingredients are ethically harvested through organic farming methods.

Photo of a bottle of Love Beauty and Planet with Sea Salt and Bergamot Deep Restore Shampoo

Editor’s tip: One of the brands that champion behind creating a more sustainable future for the environment is Love Beauty and Planet. Their Sea Salt & Bergamot Deep Restore Shampoo is infused with Bali sea salt plus ethically-sourced bergamot, which cleanses your hair as well as leaving it balanced and healthy.

5. Gives you better value

One of the main reasons why some, if not most, consumers still end up choosing traditional products over organic ones is because they’re far cheaper than their organic counterparts. While that may be the case, it would be helpful to consider the pros and cons of these products to see the real value that organic products provide. With all the benefits we’ve mentioned, it’s really clear to see why going for an organic styling gel — or any other organic hair products for that matter — is the way to go.

Best DIY At-Home Organic Styling Gel Recipes

Olives and olive oil
Olive oil has a host of benefits for your hair and can also be used for a DIY organic hair gel. Credit: Pexels

Can’t find the right organic hair styling gel from the stores? Don’t worry because you can easily make them yourself at home. You’d be surprised at how easy and fun it can be to create your own organic styling gel by using ingredients that you might already have at home! Check out our top recipes for the best DIY organic styling gels.

1. Flaxseed Styling Gel

If you search online for homemade styling gels, you’ll find flaxseed as one of the most common ingredients. This is because flaxseeds are packed with nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, fiber, magnesium, and zinc. These ingredients work well in combating what you need from a good hair product, which is to eliminate dryness, frizz, and promote hair growth. On top of that, flaxseed is a fiber and fiber is known to aid in strengthening hair at its core. It works great in binding moisture to your hair to strengthen it and prevent breakage and further damage. 

To create a flaxseed styling gel, you’ll only need about ¼ cup of flaxseeds and 2.5 cups of water. Boil the flaxseeds for about 7 to 8 minutes, while stirring often. You want the texture to be like egg whites — not too thick and not too runny. Let it cool down for about 45 minutes to 1 hour and once the gel thickens, strain it using a cheesecloth or an old pair of stockings. Once done, store it in an airtight container and refrigerate. The flaxseed hair gel is good for two weeks.

2. Olive Oil Styling Gel

If you’re looking for a more moisturizing organic hair styling gel, then incorporating olive oil into your flaxseed mixture ought to do the trick. You can simply include olive oil to your flaxseed gel base. Olive oil is a great additional ingredient because of its anti-inflammatory properties and how it promotes hair growth. 

Simply follow the same process for flaxseed styling gel up until straining the gel using a cheesecloth or old stockings. From there, you can add 1 tablespoon of olive oil before storing it in an airtight glass jar and refrigerating it. You can also add 3 to 4 drops of any essential oil you want for that extra fragrance. This olive oil styling gel will also last you for about two weeks.

3. Aloe Vera Styling Gel

Another popularly used ingredient for DIY styling gels is aloe vera. This shouldn’t come off as a surprise because aloe vera is a great emollient that’s known for keeping your hair soft and strong. 

To create this gel, you’ll only need 1 large aloe vera leaf. Simply cut open the leaf and scoop the pulp inside. Blend it until it’s smooth. You can already use it as it is or choose to store it in a glass jar and refrigerate. You can also opt to add essential oils for added fragrance or even olive or coconut oil for an extra boost of moisturization.

Use Organic Styling Gel for a Healthier Way to Style Your Hair

And there you have it! See? It’s not so hard to style your hair using an organic styling gel. If you have limited options from your go-to drugstore, you can simply get the basic ingredients and do it yourself. This way, you’re able to provide the nutrients your hair needs, while also being kind to the environment.