Cream Silk

As the Philippines' most trusted conditioner brand, Cream Silk inspires women all over the country to bring out their hair's full beauty potential. Shampoos alone can never bring out the full beauty potential of women's hair. Cream Silk recognizes this and has designed its array of hair care products with the promise of expertly conditioned hair that cannot be achieved by shampoo alone. To bring out the best in women's hair, Cream Silk Conditioners coats hair strands with an advanced expert conditioning formula for super soft, incredibly smooth and beautifully manageable hair. 

Sleek and straight hair is achievable at home. Use a conditioner daily to tame frizz and flyaways. At-home hair mask treatments also keep your hair smooth and moisturized.
All Things Hair Team
All Things Hair Team
Dry and damaged hair: Asian woman with long black hair wearing a white blouse against a blue background

How to Treat and Prevent Dry and Damaged Hair

Damaged hair is a bummer. It is hard to disguise, even if you create impressive braids or buns. And when you leave your hair down, it is frustrating to see dry, damaged, and frizzy strands. Sure, there are several salon treatments that can help treat damaged hair, but more often than not, they are costly. […]

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