How to wash your hair properly without thinning your hair

All Things Hair Team | 16 May 2018
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Love dry shampoo? Well it might be thinning out your hair!

Do you know how to wash your hair properly? Well…not with dry shampoo (as we recently learned). After all, there’s no doubt that washing your hair every day is a sign of good hygiene. But sometimes after a hard day at work, your hair might feel dirty and oily. So what do you reach out for? Your trusted dry shampoo. A few spritz along your roots and your hair instantly feels refreshed and clean.

Ever since we discovered dry shampoo, it has been a steady staple in our beauty kits. We keep one at home to be used for lazy days, one in our purse for emergencies, and even one on our office desk for a quick hair refresher before going out on a date.

We can’t help it—it’s great for styling and allows us to skip washes on days when we have too much on our hands. This is exactly why we were seriously bummed when we learned that our over-usage of dry shampoo may be a culprit on why we’ve experienced more hair fall.

Our top tips on how to wash your hair

How to wash hair with conditioner
Don’t just use dry shampoo. Wash your hair often. Credit: iStock

Olga Khazan of The Atlantic did some investigation after she noticed that the division in her hair seemed to be getting farther and farther. She researched on Google and asked 11 hair specialists and dermatologists for their expert advice—and what did she find out?

She found out that there are people who use dry shampoo on a regular basis. This means that they solely rely on it to clean their hair, which is a big no-no since dry shampoo can only soak up excess oil on the scalp but does not clean it at all. She also found out that dry shampoo “deposits substances to coat the follicle and these can build up.”

In turn, the follicles can get inflamed and eventually weaken which leads to excessive hair fall. Follicles can also cluster together in other cases, such that “a hair that would normally shed during brushing may take two or three strands along with it.” Terrifying! This definitely not fall under how to wash your hair.

On the other hand, Cosmopolitan UK also found out that not washing your hair as frequently as you should could lead to microbial build-up on the scalp, which could potentially lead to skin issues like Seborrhoeic Dermatitis—resulting in a red and itchy scalp. Washing your hair often enough is especially important if you go out often and exercise a lot. This is because sweat and pollution plays a huge role in making your scalp unhealthy and prone to issues such as hair fall and dandruff.

So what should you do?

So to avoid hair disasters such as hair fall and dandruff, don’t just rely on dry shampoo to make yourself look fresh and less oily. Wash your hair as often as possible and use products that proactively protect your hair so you can stop damage before it even starts.

And of course, get to know your hair. That way you can better understand what your hair needs and you’ll be ready to address your hair problems.

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