Hair Growth Tips for Getting Long, Healthy Hair

Grow your hair in no time with these simple tips and hair growth hacks!

Hair loss is one hair problem that you shouldn’t just brush aside. It is a valid hair, if not health, concern. In fact, you’ll hear numerous superstitions and even read tons of online articles about hair growth.

While human hair grows half an inch every month on average, it’s understandable to feel impatient if you’re experiencing major hair loss. To help you feel at ease, here are five simple tips that could greatly help boost your hair growth.

1. You don’t need to shampoo every day.

Asian woman with long black damp hair wearing a bathrobe
Skipping a hair wash or two has its perks. Credit: Natasha Estelle

While it feels great to wash off all the dirt and grease you had after a long day, sometimes it can also be bad for your hair. As you wash your locks, you also strip them off of their natural oils and nutrients, which they need to grow longer and stronger. If you spent all day out in the sun or sweating in your commute, go ahead and wash your hair at the end of a long day. But if you just stayed home, you might want to skip a wash. You can also wash your hair with just your conditioner.

Editor’s tip: Part of helping your hair grow is treating hair fall. Do it with Dove Hairfall Rescue 1 Minute Serum Conditioner. It is great for weak and falling hair because it is infused with serum capsules that penetrate hair to nourish and repair it from the inside.

2. Rinsing with hot water is a no-no.

how to wash your hair - feature
Rinse your hair with cold water to keep it from drying out. Credit: Shutterstock

You may find warm showers relaxing and therapeutic. But just like your heat-styling tools, hot water can also damage your hair and scalp. It can dry out your hair and scalp, which can result in hair loss or slow hair growth. To avoid this, rinse your hair with cold water instead.

3. Egg is a good hair-growing mask.

wet look for short hair: Asian woman with black short hair smiling
Give your hair a weekly hair mask treatment to keep it moisturized.

Our hair is actually mostly made up of protein, so a protein-based hair mask can aid in hair growth. Because egg is rich in protein, it will be a great base ingredient for your homemade hair mask!

Infographic on hair growth tips
Try these natural hair growth hacks. Design: Bianca Dodds

You can also try other natural ways to help stimulate hair growth. You can even use rice water because it is rich in vitamins and minerals that can nourish your hair and help it grow healthier.

4. Sleeping on silk pillows will help.

Hair growth: woman lying down on soft pillows
Silk sheets can be pricy but they’re totally worth it. Credit: Shutterstock

Coarse textures and surfaces can be harsh to your hair. Friction can cause damage like hair breakage and brittleness. Having this every day (or every night) could lead to hair loss. While it may hurt your pockets a little, you can enjoy some sweet slumber with peace in your heart knowing your hair can freely grow on your silk pillows.

5. Eat your fruits and veggies.

White Hair Causes: Asian woman holding a slice of watermelon
Nourish so your hair will flourish. Credit: Shutterstock

Aside from proteins, it is also best to fill your diet with food rich in vitamins and minerals. They do wonders on your skin, nails, and hair, so go for fruits instead of chips when you’re in the mood for some snacks.

Editor’s tip: If you’re looking for the best shampoo for faster hair growth, try Sunsilk Strong & Long Shampoo. It has Biotin and other nutrients you need to grow your hair stronger and longer.

6. Give your hair a break from chemical treatments.

Caucasian woman with long dark hair
Stay away from chemical hair treatments when growing out your locks. Credit: Shutterstock

Rebonding, hair coloring, and bleaching can dry out and damage hair, which can lead to more breakage in the long run. Trimming split ends can prevent further damage to the hair shaft, but it won’t do much if you will continue exposing your hair to so much stress. Stay away from chemical treatments while growing out your hair, or at the very least, give a six-month interval between each treatment.

Hair growth is not a mystery that’s difficult to solve. Funny enough, sometimes the solutions are just in the simple things we do or use. We hope these facts will help you find your way to your healthier, fuller hair!

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