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How to Get Smooth Hair That’s Protected from Heat and Humidity

With these easy tips, you can keep your hair smooth and fragrant all day while guarding against sweat, odor, pollution, and other damaging factors.

A lot of Filipinas list “smooth hair” as one of their hair goals. And why not? Smooth hair is easy to comb and style, no matter the length. And when your hair is also fragrant, you’ll just love running your fingers through it as you take in its fresh scent.

However, there are factors that can keep you from getting smooth and fragrant hair. Heat and humidity are among the top culprits, as they tend to leave your hair frizzy and amoy pawis. Add pollution, dust, and UV rays into the picture, and your hair might end up rough, weak, and difficult to manage.

But don’t worry! We’ve rounded up some easy tips to help you achieve smooth and fragrant hair. Here we go.

How to Make Your Hair Smooth and Fragrant

1. Use a shampoo that’s formulated with oils, vitamins, and proteins.

Asian woman shampooing her hair hair
Make sure that your shampoo cleanses your hair and leaves it healthy and nourished. Credit: Dennie Ramon

Your hair needs all the nourishment it can get so it stays protected from humidity, heat, pollution, and other damaging factors. So, make sure that the shampoo you use cleanses your hair and infuses it with the nutrients it needs. Why don’t you try the NEW Sunsilk Smooth & Manageable Shampoo? It has a unique, Activ-Infusion blend that consists of oils, vitamins, and proteins. This shampoo has vitamin B3 which helps in making your hair healthy, strong, and full-looking. And for its protein component, it has collagen which helps in minimizing scalp dryness and even hair fall.

Bottle of Sunsilk Smooth & Manageable Shampoo

2. Wash your hair with a fragrant shampoo.

Asian woman touching her fragrant and smooth hair
Say bye to amoy pawis when you use a fragrant shampoo. Credit: Hariono Halim

Of course, we won’t stop at getting smooth hair. We want it to smell great all day. And if you’re looking for a shampoo that can give you that, we recommend Sunsilk Smooth & Manageable Shampoo. It has the new Activ-Infusion: a blend of flower oils, collagen, and vitamin B3 that forms a protective shield, keeping your hair protected from init, dust, and usok so you can have smooth and fragrant hair all day.

3. Rinse your hair well.

Asian woman washing her hair in the bathroom
Gently finger-comb your hair while rinsing it to get rid of product residue. Credit: Dennie Ramon

Even if you’re in a hurry, make sure you thoroughly rinse your hair after washing it. If you don’t, shampoo and conditioner residue might build up on your scalp and hair, leaving your strands dull and rough. And when you’re rinsing your hair, use cold water to seal your cuticles. This can help give you shiny and smooth hair.

4. Brush your hair before going to sleep.

Asian woman brushing her tresses
Brush your hair before going to bed to remove tangles and trapped dirt. Credit: Hariono Halim

If you’re not into the habit of washing your hair before you go to bed, brush it gently to remove trapped dirt and dust. Remember to brush the tips first to detangle your hair before you go up and start brushing from the roots.

5. Wait for your hair to dry before tying it.

Asian woman styling her hair
Refrain from tying or braiding wet hair to prevent breakage. Credit: Dennie Ramon

Because your hair is at its weakest when wet, brushing, tying, or braiding it can stress your strands so much, making them prone to breakage. After washing your hair, it’s best to leave it down and let it air dry. If you need to detangle it, use a wide-tooth comb instead of a hairbrush. You can blow-dry your hair when it’s half-damp but do it less frequently, as heat-styling can damage your hair.

By following these simple hair care tips, you can get smooth hair that also stays fragrant all day. And remember to use products that protect your hair from heat, humidity, pollution, and other factors that can make it frizzy, rough, weak, and prone to damage.