Night time hair care routine to de-stress your tresses before going to sleep

Get used to this night time hair care routine to give your precious tresses some love.

We all have a beauty routine at night. We remove our makeup, cleanse our face, tone, and moisturize. Night creams and lotions are even part of it, too. This TLC is great, but are you giving the same TLC to your hair? Do you have a night time hair care routine? Our tresses need some pampering, too, especially after their daily battle with dirt, smoke, heat, and pollution. It’s time to cultivate an evening hair care routine. Don’t worry, these tips are easy and simple.

5 Tips for a night time hair care routine

Night time hair care routine: Brush your hair
Feel like a princess getting ready to go to bed by brushing your hair at night. Credit: Shutterstock

1. Brush your hair

Yup, just brush your tresses. This will help clean your hair by removing dirt, trapped dead skin cells, and residue from various styling products you used throughout the day. And really, do you want to sleep with unkempt hair? Make it a habit to brush hair before going to sleep. Brushing your hair the right way also helps make gorgeous hair.

Night time hair care routine: Spray dry shampoo on your hair.
Dry shampoo will be your night buddy from now on. Credit Shutterstock

2. Spray dry shampoo

After brushing, spritz a generous amount of dry shampoo to your hair. Dry shampoo absorbs excess oil and sweat, so it cleans your hair and keeps it from looking greasy in between washes. When you wake up in the morning, brush your hair, and see how fresh it looks. You’re welcome.

Editor’s tip: Spray TRESemmé Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo to say goodbye to all that unwanted gunk on your hair at night.

Night time hair care routine: Remove ponytail and hair accesories
Let your hair free when you go to sleep. Credit: Shutterstock

3. Remove your ponytail

Some women with long hair tie their hair in a ponytail so it won’t get all tangled up and messy. If you’re guilty of this, then it’s time to cut this bad habit. With a ponytail, hair gets pulled back, and this can cause breakage or hair loss.

Instead, leave your long hair untied and put it up so it doesn’t brush your pillow as you toss and turn in bed. If you’re really uncomfortable with leaving your hair as is when you sleep, put it in a loose top bun or a loose braid instead.

Night time hair care routine: Dry your hair before sleeping.
Let your hair dry naturally before you go to bed. Credit: Shutterstock

4. Dry hair before sleeping

If you shower at night, don’t hit the sack right after you get out of the bathroom. Let your hair dry first. It’s not because you will go blind when you sleep with wet hair, as the popular old wives’ tale suggest. Hair is weakest when it’s wet, and when you lie down and sleep right after showering, the friction between your hair and your pillow may lead to hair breakage.

Editor’s tip: Strengthen your hair by washing with TRESemmé Platinum Strength Shampoo and Dove Intense Repair Daily Treatment Conditioner to fix hair damage and make hair stronger.

Having gorgeous hair doesn’t take too much effort. Just remember to take care of it with a healthy, night time hair care routine, and you’ll always wake up to a good hair day.

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