Asian man with long hair standing outdoors

Long Hair Care Tips for Men: How to Get Healthy Hair in 2022

Every extra inch needs extra care! Take these long hair care tips for men to heart and get ready to rock your long and healthy locks!

We’re about to welcome 2022, and what better way to start the year than to cultivate good hair habits. Taking care of your hair and scalp is a year-long practice, and it’s a must especially if you have long hair. Don’t worry, though! If you don’t know how to start, here are long hair care tips for men to help you get nourished and healthy hair in 2022.

Easy Long Hair Care Tips for Men

1. Keep your hair clean and dandruff-free.

Long hair care tips: Asian man holding a section of her long hair
Make sure your scalp and long hair are flake-free. Credit: Dennie Ramon

Long hair needs more TLC, as every inch needs to be clean, nourished, and healthy. If you have long, thick hair, you have higher chances of getting sweat, excess oil, and dirt trapped on your scalp, making you more prone to dandruff. To prevent this, use a shampoo that fights dandruff while cleansing your hair at the same time.

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2. Don’t rub your hair with a towel

Asian man with a towel over his head
Don’t rub! Just pat your hair dry using a soft towel. Credit: Dennie Ramon

Did you know that regular towels can damage your hair? The friction between your hair and the rough texture of the towel can cause hair breakage. Instead of using a regular bath towel, use a softer, smoother one to gently pat your hair instead of rubbing it. While it’s always best to air dry your hair, you can also use a hairdryer. Just make sure to put it in the lowest heat setting to minimize hair damage.

3. Deep-cleanse once in a while.

Asian man shampooing his hair
A deep cleansing shampoo with anti-dandruff benefits will do wonders to your scalp. Credit: Dennie Ramon

Depending on how active you’ve been throughout the week, you should include deep cleansing as part of your hair care routine. Take that extra mile in making sure your hair and scalp are free of dirt and product residue, so you’ll always feel fresh and clean wherever you go.

Editor’s tip: Cleanse your hair and scalp thoroughly while getting rid of dandruff with CLEAR Deep Cleanse Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Men

4. Style your long hair.

Asian man with a ponytail wearing a brown jacket
Try different long hairstyles for men. Credit: Dennie Ramon

Sure, you can simply leave your long hair down, but wouldn’t you like to take this opportunity to experiment with long hairstyles for men? Try the man bun, the man ponytail, or even the man braid, and have fun creating different looks!

5. Get regular trims.

Flatlay of haircutting tools for men
Keep your long hair in good shape by getting regular trims. Credit: Shutterstock

We don’t mean chopping off lengthy amounts of hair. What we mean is to have your ends regularly trimmed to maintain your hair’s body and style while getting rid of split ends.

The longer the mane, the bigger the commitment. But relax! Just make these tips part of your hair care routine, and you’ll rock healthy and well-nourished hair in 2022.