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Hair Facts: How Well Do You Know Your Hair?

Hair 101: Everything you need to know about your tresses.

Our relationship with our hair is a lot like our relationship with people. The more you get to know the people around you, the better you understand them and their behavior, and thus, the better you’re able to take care of them. Hair is actually more complicated than we think. It’s important that we learn everything we can about it so we know what hair care routine to follow and how to effectively resolve different hair problems.

As you cannot really sit your hair down for a heart-to-heart talk, we’ve made a list of hair facts that we thought you should be aware of. We also threw in a bunch of hair care tips to help you have a better relationship with your tresses. We hope you’re taking notes!

8 Hair Facts You Need to Know

1. A single strand of hair has a lifespan of about three to five years

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Medium bob hair. Credit: iStock.

So if our hair is going to last that long, we better make sure we keep it healthy all the days of its life.

2. Hair is made up of a tough fibrous protein called keratin

Our diet affects the health of our hair just as much as it does the rest of our body. Protein is the building block of each strand of hair that we have; And if we’re not getting enough protein from our daily food intake, our hair becomes weak and grows more slowly. This could lead to further hair problems including hair loss. To keep your strands healthy and fuel hair growth, have a well-balanced diet that is rich in protein as well as other vitamins and minerals. An at-home keratin treatment can also help in making your strands well-moisturized and healthy.

Tub of TRESemme Keratin Smooth KERA10 Smoothing Mask

Editor’s Tip: Give your hair the extra protein that it needs by pampering it with keratin treatments every once in a while. If having it done at the salon is too much hassle or expensive, you can try an at-home treatment like the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Treatment Mask. It nourishes hair and infuses keratin from root to tip. 

3. Hair grows faster in warm weather

Hair Facts: Asian woman with long dark hair wearing shades smiling outdoors
Hair growing faster in warm weather is another reason to go to the beach more often!

Higher temperature stimulates hair growth, so you definitely were not imagining things when you felt like your hair always seemed to grow faster in the summer. If you want a few inches added to your locks quickly, hang out in warm places.

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Editor’s tip: Not getting enough sun to grow your hair a few inches? Not a problem. Sun’s not the only solution! Wash your hair with Sunsilk Strong & Long Shampoo, which deeply nourishes your hair to be strong as it grows!  

4. Hair is a great indicator of your overall health

Hair facts: Asian woman with long dark straight hair wearing a green top and skirt
If your body is healthy, then so is your hair. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Your hair knows what you did (and did not do) last summer – and your whole life, actually. It keeps a record of everything that ever went into your bloodstream. So the rest of your body can not really keep anything from your hair. That being said, the condition of your hair reflects your lifestyle. So if you ever notice that there’s something off with your hair, do a lifestyle check.

5. Hair is most vulnerable when wet

Brush your hair the right way: Asian woman towel drying her long dark hair
Gently squeeze out excess water from your hair using a smooth fabric.

That means wrapping it around your towel after a bath or vigorously rubbing and brushing it post-shower can cause serious damage and breakage. Gently squeeze out excess water and blot—don’t rub. Then, start detangling from the bottom and work your way up. This is also the reason why you should never tie your hair when it’s wet.

Tube of Cream Silk Ultimate Reborn Damage Control Conditioner

Editor’s tip: Always use conditioner after washing your hair with shampoo. Cream Silk Damage Control Conditioner has Fiber Repair Complex which is specially designed to repair weak and damaged hair. It protects hair from and makes it more resilient to damage. 

6. Your hair hates it when you wear a ponytail overnight

Hair care routine at night: Remove ponytail and hair accesories
Let your hair free when you go to sleep. Credit: Shutterstock

Hair ties (even the ones made of fabric) create tension and cause stress to your strands and scalp. Leaving your locks locked down with it for several hours can definitely break and damage your hair, so let your hair down during bedtime to give your tresses a break.

7. Dandruff is NOT a consequence of poor hygiene

Hair facts: Asian woman with shoulder-length dark hair wearing a dark blue top
Myth busted! Skipping a hair was or two does not cause dandruff. Credit: Natasha Estelle

A lot of people believe that you get dandruff when you don’t wash your hair regularly. Well, they’re wrong. Dandruff is caused by a lot of things: stress, illness, diet, and harsh hair products, among others. These can disrupt the natural protective layer of the scalp, making it dry and damaged. This manifests in those nasty white flakes known as dandruff. Using an anti-dandruff shampoo even if you don’t have dandruff remedy this problem and even prevent it from occurring.

Clear Complete Soft Care Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Editor’s tip: Planning to switch to an anti-dandruff shampoo? Try CLEAR Complete Soft Care Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. Its mild formulation gently cleanses your hair and scalp while preventing the occurrence of dandruff. It also has a fresh sakura scent, making your hair smell good!

8. Women’s scalps produce less sebum than men’s

Ergo, women’s scalps and hair have different needs that require different solutions. You and your beau shouldn’t use the same shampoo and conditioner because his hair care products are designed for your hair scalp, and vice versa. Do your hair a favor and choose a shampoo that suits your scalp and hair type.

CLEAR Ice Cool Menthol Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Editor’s tip: While most shampoos are made only for women or for men, there are unisex shampoos out there. One of these is CLEAR Ice Cool Menthol Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. It has Nutrium 10 that helps activates the protective layer on both men’s and women’s scalps. Plus, its cool menthol formulation can help keep your scalp feeling fresh all day. 

It’s great knowing all these things about your hair so you know what to do and what not to do. We’re all after beautiful, healthy hair, and achieving that begins with how you treat your tresses. Now that you know your strands better, you can move on from your getting-to-know phase and start living happily ever after!

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