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How to Have Healthy hair? Make Sure You’re Not Guilty of These Things

Want to know how to have healthy hair? Here's a checklist of things you need to avoid to make it happen!

Feel like your tresses suddenly look dull and damaged? Like they’re not as smooth and shiny as they used to be? Your hair could be telling you something. It could be a message of distress. And if you want healthy hair, you have to learn how to listen. If you think stepping out in the sun or eating junk foods is harmless as far as your hair is concerned, think again. Because that innocent-looking chocolate may not be too innocent after all.

To help you figure out how to have healthy hair, we’ve put together a checklist of things that could be harming your locks (we threw in some tips for healthy hair, too) so you can restore your hair’s health and keep it looking gorgeous.

How to Have Healthy Hair

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How to get healthy hair? Treat it well. Credit: iStock

1. You’re out in the sun too often

You might want to think about how much time you’re spending outside if you have dry, damaged hair. Too much sun exposure can lead to brittle tresses that break easily. Did you know: even the scalp is prone to sunburn, too!


Editor’s tip: Wearing a hat when you’re outside will help, but we recommend using shampoo that offers intense hydration, like the Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo.

2. You’re eating too much junk food

If your locks are too dull or thin, chances are, you’ve been eating too many processed foods. Our body prioritizes the heart and other vital organs when it comes to distributing the nutrients we get from our meals, so if there aren’t enough, our hair tends to get left behind. A balanced diet packed with fruits and veggies can make a huge difference if you’re after shiny, healthy hair.

3. You’re not drinking enough water

Dehydration may explain why you’re experiencing excessive hair shedding or why your strands are prone to breakage. Our bodies consist of about 60 percent water, so we need to sustain that level of hydration in order for each part to function properly (and yes, for us to have healthier hair).

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Editor’s tip: To help your hair become stronger and less prone to breakage, wash with Sunsilk Strong & Long Shampoo which is formulated with Biotin to help nourish hair to be strong as it grows!

4. You are severely stressed

People experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety tend to develop dandruff over time, so that could be the reason for the white flakes all over your black shirt lately. Stress can also cause hair to go gray prematurely and make your scalp more prone to hair fall. So chill, relax, and try to keep away from factors that stress you out.

5. You’re not getting enough sleep

Just like water, sleep is crucial to allow our body to repair and regenerate cells, which naturally include hair cells. So when a person is sleep-deprived, having unhealthy hair becomes inevitable as hormone levels are thrown off balance.

So if you feel like something’s off with your locks lately, check if you’ve been unconsciously committing these mistakes and correct them. They could be the easiest, most accurate answer to your question: “how to have healthy hair?”