5 Summer Hair Care Tips for Men

All Things Hair Team | 30 April 2019
Hair care tips for men: Asian man with black hair smiling

Check out these simple hair care tips for men that are worth including in your everyday routine.

Hair care isn’t just a woman’s business. It is everyone’s—including men’s. You may not have hair as long as your girlfriend’s, but that doesn’t mean you just let it have a life of its own. It’s both a matter of hygiene and scalp care, especially when the sun is at its hottest and brightest. Don’t worry, taking care of your hair and scalp is simple and easy. Here are some hair care tips for men for summer and beyond.

5 Simple Hair Care Tips for Men

1. A wash a day keeps dandruff away

Hair care tips for men: Man covering her face in the shower
Wash your hair once a day to get rid of dirt and grease. Credit: Shutterstock

As a go-getter, you’re probably always out and about in the bustling, polluted city. All that grime and sweat from a day’s action—especially in a hot and humid country like the Philippines—may cause you to have an oily scalp and put you at a higher risk of dandruff. A greasy scalp is a big no-no, so clock in those shower hours and rinse daily to stay fresh.

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2. Keep your scalp from drying out

Watch out when you turn up the heat on your shower—rinsing with overly hot water can damage your scalp. This, along with excessive blow drying, makes your scalp in a weaker condition, leaving it dry like the Sahara. Instead, wash your hair with cool or lukewarm water to keep bath time relaxing while going easy on your scalp.

3. Massage for a healthy scalp

Hair care tips for men: Asian man with short black hair touching her head
A head massage isn’t only relaxing. It’s good for your scalp’s health, too! Credit: Shutterstock

Massages get you relaxed at the end of a busy day. A head massage improves blood circulation, which carries essential nutrients to the scalp and removes wastes. It even helps distribute your natural scalp oils to the rest of your locks, so you get both a healthy scalp and healthy-looking hair.

4. Live an active lifestyle

Hair care tips for men: Man doing planks on a mat on the floor
Who would’ve thought that exercise can help make your hair and scalp healthy? Credit: Shutterstock

If you’ve got that fitspiration lifestyle going, here’s one more perk to working out: it helps give you healthy-looking locks and stimulates hair growth by increasing the flow of beneficial nutrients to your scalp. A high-intensity workout packed with burpees, battle ropes, and crunches rid your scalp of wastes, while stretching promotes better flow of nutrients to your scalp. Abs aren’t the only reason to sweat it out—a sexier body means a stronger scalp.

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5. Shield your scalp from the sun

Hair care tips for men: Man wearing a hat and shades
A hat won’t just jazz up your outfit. It will help protect your scalp, too. Credit: Shutterstock

We all take special care to shield our face and body from UV rays by applying sunscreen. But what have you done for your scalp? This neglected area of your skin needs just as much protection from the sun, so keep your scalp covered to prevent it from prolonged sun-damage. When going out, wear a cap or a hat for that much-needed cover.

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You don’t need a complicated hair care routine to have healthy hair. Just remember these simple hair care tips for men and you won’t need to deal with dandruff, dry scalp, or rough and dry strands whatever the season.

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