6 Awesome tips to getting great summer hair

Mitch | 19 April 2018
summer hair tips

Enjoying the sun and the outdoors this season? While we hope you totally are, let us give you a quick friendly reminder: make sure your hair doesn’t suffer from too much exposure to UV rays. See, when it comes to sun exposure, our hair is much like our skin–it needs protection. Spending too much time under the hot rays can fry your hair, leaving it unmanageable for the rest of the season–and beyond! Good news for you and your locks, there are ways to keep your your strands healthy without having to give up beach trips and other fun outdoor summer activities for the rest of the hot season. You can still totally frolic under the sun and engage in all your favorite summer activities while keeping your hair healthy. You just need a few extra steps in your daily hair care routine. Check out these tips and tricks before you head out the door!

How to take care of your hair in the summer

summer hair tip: get a trim
The summer might be a good time to get a trim! Credit: iStock

1. Cut those loose ends

Keep your hair healthy and bouncy this summer by getting a trim. Get rid of those split-ends that can actually do even more damage. Don’t skip the cut because you want to grow your hair long. Doing so can lead to even thinner strands that are more prone to breakage and split-ends, which, in turn would make you cut even longer hair!

TRESemmé Split Repair Shampoo

Editor’s tip: Stock up on TRESemmé Split Repair Shampoo and match it with TRESemmé Split Repair Conditioner to help your hair become more resilient to damage and split ends. It keeps working to fix damage and binds split ends as they occur.

2. Use UV protection

Opt for a shampoo and conditioner that offers UV protection to keep the sun’s harsh rays at bay. If you’re iffy about the chemicals in these products or just can’t find one that offers UV protection in your local supermarket, you can use the excess sunblock from your body and run your hands with a bit of the lotion through your hair.

summer hair tip
Wear a pretty sun hat to complete your summer outfit and protect your mane. Credit: iStock

3. Protect your mane

If you plan on being under the sun for longer periods of time (especially if you’re the outdoorsy or athletic type), don’t forget to cover up your scalp with a hat or cap. Fortunately for us, hair accessories are all the rage this season so go ahead and bring out that scarf you’ve been saving for the summer.

4. Grab that bottle of conditioner

During the summer, your body (hair included) easily loses moisture. Retain as much moisture in your hair by adding conditioner to your routine. Or better yet, invest in a deep conditioning treatment for your hair. It deserves intense pampering at least once a week.

Cream Silk Fresh Hydration Conditioner

Editor’s tip: To keep your hair fresh and moisturized, use Cream Silk Fresh Hydration Conditioner. This product has Advanced Hair Reborn Technology that penetrates and nourishes every hair strand to transform your rough, summer-dry hair so it feels fresh and hydrated. It also has Hydra-Collagen complex which gives up to 24-hour long-lasting fresh feel, without the greasiness.

summer hair tip
Swap your hair brush with a wide-tooth comb! Credit: iStock

5. Out with the brush

Rather than forcing a brush through your hair this summer, opt instead for a wide-tooth comb. Hair is most susceptible to breaking when it’s wet so if you’re the type that reaches for the brush right after a dip in the pool, grab a wide-tooth comb instead as these are the most gentle for untangling those stubborn strands.

If you’re enjoying the summer and want to look it, here are a couple of hair ideas that’ll make your look sizzle this season!

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