hairstyles for damaged hair, with tutorials and videos

9 hairstyles for damaged hair: Tutorials and hair hacks

Split ends, dry hair, and weak strands are a cause for distress. These hairstyles can help give your damaged hair a break and speed it into recovery.

Hairstyles for damaged hair can be a doubled-edged sword. Damaged hair can caused by a number of things and really get in the way of your style. Sure, coloring your hair or going a bit overboard with the flat iron can harm it, but it’s frustrating when even low maintenance hairstyles like a ponytail can still cause wear and tear on your tresses. But don’t worry, we scoured through our library of hair hacks and tutorials to find these 9 hairstyles for damaged hair so that you can keep looking stylish while you give your hair a break. Of course, the best thing to do sometimes is just let your hair down, but hey, we won’t take away the fun!

6 tutorials, hair hacks, and hairstyles for damaged hair

1. K-Pop Top Knot

The Koreans have got the skincare regimen down pat, so who’s to say they don’t know what to do with their hair? When your hair is particularly unruly, don’t just put it up in a neat top knot, pair it with an upside down braid for some style. Check out this tutorial on the K-style Top Knot or watch the video below.

2. Sock Curls

Did you know that you can get curls without using any heat? Sock Curls are a godsend for DIY hair stylists, especially if you have hair that’s recovering from a lot of damage. Find out how fun and easy it is to make in this video.

Editor’s Tip: Heated styling tools have a tendency to dry out your hair — the result of not being able to retain its moisture. Don’t forget to always protect your hair when styling with heat. Spritz on some TONI&GUY Heat Protection Mist, even if it’s just to blow dry your hair. This product can protect your hair from heat of up to 230 degrees, which makes it a favorite backstage at all the big shows!

3. Dutch Braid

One of the most essential braids, the Dutch Braid is also known as the inside-out braid. Use it as a base for a number of other braided hairstyles that can keep your hair looking good even when it’s not feeling that great.

Editor’s Tip: Using the proper cleaning, prepping, and conditioning products for your hair can protect it from environmental and styling damage. Dove Intense Repair Shampoo and Dove Intense Repair Conditioner doesn’t just repair surface damage on your strands, it goes deep in to nourish them and protect from future damage.

4. Slicked Back Hair

With a little help from some styling tools, you can recreate sleek and shiny hair despite the damage. Grab a blow dryer, comb, hairspray, and this step-by-step guide for Slicked Back Hair that will give you this sophisticated look.

Editor’s Tip: You can also apply some TONI&GUY High Shine Serum Drops on your palms then on your strands to get rid of frizz and boost the shine of your hair.

5. Beach Waves

If you would rather be at the beach (or have been going back and forth from there), these beach waves are going to be just for you and your summer hair. Nothing like a little TONI&GUY Sea Salt Texturising Spray can’t make better! The added texture and body from this favorite hair styling product will make this next tutorial for Beach Waves super easy.

6. Messy Bun

A nice, loose messy bun will do just the trick of keeping your damaged hair away from your face without causing it too much stress. Remember, you’re not going for a tight and strained hairstyle here. Keep it relaxed, but spritz on some hairspray to also keep it in place and prevent you from tugging and pulling it back in throughout the day.

3 haircuts for damaged hair

Okay, we get it. You just want to chop it all off and let the natural process take over. So, here, have a go at this short list of hairstyles for damaged hair you can try to revive your tresses, depending on your length of hair!

1. Pixie Undercut

pixie fade for short hair hairstyles for damaged hair
Pixie cut fade. Credit: Dvora

Go for a shaved hairstyle and pixie cut in one.The undercut will give your usual style an edgier touch, but the pixie will soften your look. If you have the right face shape for this short hairstyle, go for it!

2. Choppy bob

bob with fringe haircuts for round faces hairstyles for damaged hair
Bob and choppy fringe for round faces. Credit:

Cut off those split ends and say goodbye to tangles with this choppy bob. Frame your features with a fringe for some added style.

Editor’s Tip: With this short length of hair, why don’t you bring the repairing process up to speed with TONI&GUY Damage Repair Mask? The formulation allows it to penetrate deep into your strands to help it regain lost moisture, and retain it.

3. Long and wispy shag

shag hairstyles for damaged hair
Keep it light, fun, and long at the bottom. Credit: iStockphoto

If you want to keep your hair long but make way for it to get healthier, chop off a few layers and create this long and wispy shag. The shag haircut keeps the layers short at the top and longer at the bottom to create texture. Doesn’t that sound fun?