Asian man fixing his limp hair

4 Easy Ways to Give More Life to Men’s Limp Hair

Got flat, lifeless locks? Here are ways on how men can liven up limp hair.

Dry but not overly so, greasy but not really—your hair is in a limping crisis. While this may not sound or look too crazy, taming or styling your hair can be a bit of a challenge. But fret not, we’re here to give you tips on how to treat men’s limp hair.

Easy Ways to Remedy Limp Hair for Men

1. Avoid over-washing

Limp hair men: a man washing his hair
Washing your hair too often could strip it off of its natural health. Credit: Shutterstock

Our hair produces its own natural oil and washing strips it off of these oils, resulting in dry hair and scalp. Sometimes, your hair tries to compensate by producing more oil; hence becoming oily. To find the perfect balance, wash your hair on a set and paced schedule. When washing, use hair products that will deeply cleanse your hair so you’re good to go for a day or two without washing it.

Editor’s tip: Deep cleansing will leave your hair and scalp extra fresh for days. Use Clear Deep Cleanse Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Men which has activated charcoal to do this job for you.

2. Go for volumizing hairstyles

Limp hair men: Asian young man with a hair full of volume, leaning on a post
Natural volume can be nurtured. Credit: Shutterstock

To give your limp hair more body and bounce, you need more volume. You can do this by going for hairstyles that give the illusion of thicker, fuller hair. Try a modern quiff or a pompadour to and see the difference it makes to your whole look.

Editor’s tip: To nail a modern quiff or pompadour, we recommend VO5 Mega Hold Styling Gel to give you control over styling and sculpting your hair. 

3. Get a layered haircut

Limp hair men: Asian man with a layered hairstyle
Layers give limp hair the style boost it needs. Credit: Shutterstock

Another trick to give your hair more body and volume is to style it with layers. A layered haircut will not only keep your hair from looking flat and lifeless but it will also bring in the extra oomph your hair needs.

4. Style with texturizing products

Limp hair men: Asian man with a texturized hairstyle
Tousling in texture makes limp hair a thing of the past. Credit: Shutterstock

Sometimes, the secret lies in the finishing details. Even a simple hairstyle can look well-styled when you add texture in the picture. Seal your look with a texturizing spray or hair wax to liven up your flat and limp hair.

Editor’s tip: Scoop a small amount of VO5 Matt Clay and scrunch it through your hair to give it a matte, textured finish. 

You know what they say—when life gives you limp hair, you just gotta make it work. Yes, we totally made that one up but hey, it’s still true! With these simple tips on how to deal with limp hair, you can get your groove back on again.