Know the Different Curly Hair Types

Check out how you can better manage your hair by learning the curly hair types

Do you have curly hair? Then, we feel you, girl. We understand your daily struggles of taming it, finding the right product for it, and styling it. Though it sounds like it is such a challenge every day, having curly hair is also be fun. And in case you don’t know, there are different curly hair types, and each one is unique on its own right. By knowing these categories of curly hair types, you are getting to know your mane better and understanding how to make the most of it. Are you ready? Read on to learn about the different curly hair types and find out where yours belongs to.

The different curly hair types are categorized into numbers and letters, which may sound very clinical. But trust us, these are just labels, so don’t feel intimidated. Now, let’s get to know kulot hair better.

1. Type 2A

girl wearing a pink coat and pink sunglasses flaunts one of the curly hair types
The “S” waves add gentle movement to your hair. Credit: Shutterstock

Type 2A is the least curly among the curly hair types. It is easily more described as an “S” wave and sticks close to the head. If this is your hair type, then, you’ll notice that your hair is fine and is a bit thinner compared to other curly hair types.

2. Type 2B

girl is smiling and looking up seemingly happy to have one of the curly hair types
Type 2B hair looks like natural beach waves. Credit: Shutterstock

Next in the list is Type 2B which has more defined waves and is a little frizzier on the crown area compared to the first one. It is also “S” in form but looks a bit tighter than Type 2A.

3. Type 2C

Asian girl is leaning against the wall
Type 2C wavy hair can help you nail a messy-chic look easily. Credit: Shutterstock

Type 2C is curlier than the other two and it no longer takes the “S” wave form. When sectioned, you’ll find that there are actually two or more curl shapes in them.

4. Type 3A

girl is wearing yellow sunglasses and is letting hair hair fall as she sits on the chair
Show off your long curly hair.

Type 3A is characterized by large loose curls whose size is comparable to a piece of sidewalk chalk. They also appear springy. To maintain this type of curl, don’t use a comb or hairbrush because these will make your curly hair frizzy. To detangle, use a wide-tooth comb or simply your fingers to keep your curls in good shape.

Editor’s tip: Since this hair type can be prone to frizz, you can put some VO5 Frizz Free Cream. Not only does it tame frizz but it also protects your hair from heat-styling tools.

5. Type 3B

Asian girl is wearing a jacket and has two space buns on her hair
Space buns look great on this type of curly hair. Credit: Natasha Estelle

Type 3B curly hair has springy ringlets that tend to become dry easily. Styling gels are your best friend if you have this hairstyle.

Editor’s tip: Since this type of curly hair tends to be dry, you can also use a conditioner that helps seal moisture in like Cream Silk Dry Rescue Conditioner. See the difference to your hair even after your first wash.

6. Type 3C

Mixed race woman with curly hair similing
Using a shampoo and a conditioner with murumuru butter or coconut oil can help moisturize your curls. Credit: Shutterstock

This type of curly hair is characterized by tight corkscrew-like shapes. The tight coils give your volume, which is great, but they are also prone to frizz. Make sure you keep your curls well-moisturized so they stay manageable. 

Editor’s tip: Looking for a shampoo that’s perfect for curly hair? We recommend Love Beauty and Planet Murumuru Butter & Rose Blooming Color Shampoo. The same murumuru butter that helps moisturize colored hair also keeps curly hair from getting dry. Pair it with Love Beauty and Planet Murumuru Butter & Rose Blooming Color Conditioner or best results. 

7. Type 4A

Asian woman with long curly hair wearing a pink dress
Don’t forget to apply hair mousse to your hair to get well-defined curls. Credit: Natasha Estelle

This curly hair type is dense and springy and has a smaller,  S-pattern coil. As a result, you get tighter curls and thicker hair.

8. Type 4B

girl is stretching out one section of her curly hair
This kind of curly is nice

Type 4B has tighter coils than Type 4A. You’ll also notice that your hair shape looks more like a “Z” than an “S” shape. If you have this type of curly hair, you should avoid drying your hair with an ordinary towel or using heat-styling tools often, as these practices will make your curls dry and frizzy.

9. Type 4C

model is cupping her face with her two hands and showing off one of the curly hair types
Curly and beautiful

Similar to Type 4B, Type 4C has tightly coiled strands that give you big, voluminous hair. To rock this type of curl, you must consult with your stylist to give you a curly haircut that suits your hair type, texture, and face shape. This way, your hair gets the right volume and bounce and the curls sit nicely on your head.

So, there you go. Knowing your curly hair type helps you understand how to style it and know which products use to help you manage it. Share this with your fellow kulot friends so all of you can identify your curl type.


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