What Are the Advantages of Cellophane Hair Treatment?

All Things Hair Team | 12 June 2019
Cellophane hair: Asian woman with long dark brown hair smiling

You’ve surely heard about it but what is cellophane hair treatment really all about? More importantly, is it actually beneficial for you?

At some point during one of your salon visits, you may have heard about cellophane hair treatment. It’s one of the most common hair coloring treatments being offered across many salons. And it still stands to be just as popular despite recent upgrades to other hair color treatments.

What sets it apart from other treatments, though, is how it adds color, shine, and thickness to your hair. Compared to your usual dyes, cellophane hair treatment works to lock in moisture to your hair so your tresses don’t dry out after coloring.

Wanna know more about cellophane hair treatment? Here are some of its benefits.

Benefits of Getting Cellophane Hair Treatment

1. Cellophane hair treatment adds natural shine to your locks

Cellophane hair Asian woman with long dark hair smiling
Get shiny locks with cellophane hair treatment.

More than just a hair coloring process, a cellophane hair treatment also adds a whole lot of shine and brilliance to your hair. This is perfect if you feel as though your hair is getting dryer by the minute and would want to add some color without damaging it even more. With cellophane hair treatment, you’ll leave the salon with silky, lustrous hair along with the color of your choice.

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2. It takes less time to finish compared with other treatments

woman getting a keratin blowout
Cellophane hair treatments are actually more affordable than most complex hair color treatments. Credit: iStock

On top of it being more cost-effective than other more complex treatments, having cellophane hair also requires less time as well. You don’t need to sit for half a day (or even the whole day) at the salon for this treatment. Apart from the process of applying cellophane on your tresses, you’ll only need about 30 minutes of leaving the cellophane on before taking it out and rinsing it all out. All in all, this process would amount to around an hour and a half at most, depending on the length and thickness of your hair.

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3. Your scalp and hair shafts are left unharmed

Cellophane hair: Asian woman with long dark brown hair smiling outdoors
Worried about damaging your hair? You don’t need to be when getting a cellophane hair treatment.

The best part about going for a cellophane hair treatment is how it doesn’t damage your scalp and roots like usual dye treatments do. The process is confined to just the hair strands. It doesn’t reach the shafts, leaving your scalp untouched by the treatment itself. It also doesn’t contain peroxide or ammonia, which guarantees that your hair remains as silky smooth and healthy as it was before you got the treatment.

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Editor’s Tip: Consistency is key in getting that shiny and lustrous hair you’ve always wanted. Set a weekly date to give your hair some extra TLC using TRESemme Keratin Smooth Treatment Mask. Applying this regularly helps keep the effect of your cellophane hair treatment last much longer. It also provides extra nourishment that your hair could definitely never have too much of.

One of the most common misconceptions about cellophane hair treatment is that it can cause further damage to your hair. However, it’s the complete opposite. Getting a cellophane hair treatment can give you a semi-permanent hair color sans the damage. Go give it a try. Enjoy!

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