Frizzy Hair Remedies: 8 Easy Tips to Get Rid of Tutsang

These frizzy hair remedies will put an end to frizz madness.

Frizzy hair occurs when the hair takes in moisture and salt from the air. When these go underneath your hair, your hair form bumps, which is what you see as frizz. This hair problem is common in humid places because of the abundance of moisture in the air. Hence, including frizzy hair remedies in your hair care routine can make a big difference. Here are some of them.

1. A blunt haircut is a no-no.

frizzy hair remedies: don't get a blunt cut
Hair peg. Credit:

When your hair is evenly cut all around, hair tends to become more voluminous—but not in the best way. Most of the time, it only looks voluminous in a certain area and more often than not, it’s the lower part making your hair look like a pyramid. However, if you want to sport a dead straight blunt cut, ask your stylist to layer your hair in reverse, with shorter strands inside and the longer ones falling on the outer part of your hair.

2. Wash your hair with a shampoo that has the right anti-frizz formulation.

Frizzy hair remedies: Closeup shot of a woman shampooing her hair in the shower
There are several anti-frizz shampoos that you can choose from. Credit: Shutterstock

Frizz is usually the reason why you have a bad hair day. To avoid it, your frizzy hair remedy is to use a shampoo that’s specially made to tame frizz. Doing so will help make your hair more manageable.

Flatlay of frizzy hair remedies along with a purse and other props
These are must-haves if you have frizzy hair. Credit: All Things Hair Studio

Editor’s tip: Looking for more frizzy hair remedies? You can try Love Beauty and Planet Argan Oil & Lavender Smooth and Serene Shampoo. It has plant-based cleansers and eco-friendly ingredients that work to calm frizz and make your hair smooth and soft. You can also use TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo and TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Conditioner for that sleek, straight hair. Meanwhile, if you need to freshen up and smoothen out stray strands, just apply a drop of Cream Silk Standout Straight Leave-On Cream. 

3. Apply leave-on conditioner or styling cream on your hair right after washing.

Frizzy hair remedies: Closeup shot of a woman with long black hair wearing a white tube top against a blue background
Keep your hair smooth and hydrated all day by applying leave-on cream. Credit: Shutterstock

One of the important frizzy hair remedies is the leave-in conditioner which is especially helpful for those who have wavy locks yet want to maintain their hair’s natural texture. Apply the product on damp hair and leave it to air dry.

4. Find an alternative to towels.

Frizzy hair remedies: Asian woman with long black hair wearing blue sleeveless top drying her hair
Squeeze water from your gently using an unused t-shirt or a smooth fabric. Credit: Shutterstock

Drying your hair with a towel may be the quickest way to get the excess water off of your hair; however, it creates friction, and friction causes your hair to become frizzy. A better alternative for a towel is using a t-shirt or a soft fabric to squeeze out water from your hair. Then allow your hair to air dry.

5. Comb your mane while it’s damp.

Caucasian woman combing her long hair with a wide-tooth comb
Always use a wide-tooth comb on damp locks. Credit: iStock

Brushing or combing your hair while it’s wet can make your hair brittle leading to hair breakage. Our tip: after you condition your hair, use a wide-toothed comb to style your locks. If you need to detangle certain parts of your hair, simply run your fingers through your tresses carefully.

6. Blow-dry your hair using the right heat-styling product.

Woman Blow-drying her hair
Don’t forget to spray heat protectant on your hair before blow drying. Credit: Shutterstock

Another culprit that causes frizz and hair damage is using heat styling tools. We’re not telling you to stop using these though. Just make sure you spritz heat protectant on your hair before you blow-dry or iron your hair to avoid heat damage.

Editor’s tip: Use a spray that protects and reduces frizz like TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Flat Iron Smoothing Spray. It doesn’t just protect your hair from damage caused by the heat but also prolongs the strong, smooth, frizz-free effect from your blow-dry session.

7. Apply hair serum to make hair sleek.

Closeup shot of Asian woman touching her long back hair wearing white sleeveless top
Smooth out frizz in an instant by applying hair serum from mid-length up to the tips of your hair. Credit: Shutterstock

At first, you might think that hair serums are unnecessary since you already have a packed arsenal of hair care products. But being one of the frizzy hair remedies, a drop of hair serum can make a huge difference in your hair. Aside from smoothing out frizz and stray hair, hair serums can help prevent split ends. They act as a barrier between your hair and styling tools. They also make your hair smooth and shiny, so you can bid goodbye to dull and lifeless locks.

Editor’s tip: Use Dove Straight & Silky Shampoo and Dove Straight & Silky Conditioner. This duo has Micro Moisture Serum that calms frizz and leaves your hair smooth and silky. 

8. Make beautiful curls with hair mousse.

Closeup shot of Asian girl touching her black curly hair wearing denim jacket against a stone wall
Indeed, hair mousse is your curly hair’s best friend.

If you have natural curls and waves, keep a bottle of hair mousse on your dresser. This hair product tames frizz, so you get smooth and well-defined curls and waves. Hair mousse also doesn’t weigh your hair down. Now, walk down the street full of confidence as your curls bounce with life.

Editor’s tip: Get beautifully defined curls by applying a dollop of VO5 Extra Body Mousse on your hair. 


To help you get reminded of what you need to do to tame and avoid frizz, here’s a handy guide that you can save on your phone!

Infographic with tips on how to tame frizz
Remember these tips to keep your hair frizz-free. Design: Bianca Dodds

With these frizzy hair remedies, you can rock smooth and beautiful hair, whether you leave it down or style it in a chic updo. It’s time to say, “Farewell frizz!”

When your hair seems to have a life on its own, and you can’t tame frizz no matter what you do, don’t panic. Turn a bad hair day into a messy-chic day with these stylish frizzy hair remedies that can help disguise your nasty tutsang.

1. Bedhead

Caucasian woman with long messy blonde hair wearing a dark blue dress on the runway
Rock a #wokeuplikethis look with bedhead hair. Credit:

No time to style your frizzy hair? Then, follow one of the simplest frizzy hair remedies which is creating a deep side part using your fingers to add volume to your roots, shake your strands, and you’re all set!

2. Scrunched hairstyle

Asian woman with shoulder-length hair in a scrunched hairstyle wearing a long printed dress
The scrunched look adds volume to thin hair. Credit: Hariono Halim

Show off your sexy waves with an easy-to-do scrunched hairstyle. If you have thin, straight hair, simply use a curling iron to create loose waves. Don’t worry if you haven’t mastered the art of using a curling iron—messy waves are part of the charm.

Editor’s tip: If you love using heat-styling tools on your hair as one of your frizzy hair remedies, then, your mane is at risk for getting dry and heat-damaged. Protect it by using Cream Silk Triple Keratin Ultimate Straight Treatment Crème. It gives you the benefits of keratin by taming frizz, restoring moisture, and reviving damaged hair. 

3. Messy layered bob

Asian woman with messy layered bob wearing a denim jacket and striped shirt outdoors
Define your layers with a textured hairstyle. Credit: Natasha Estelle

This is similar to scrunched hairstyle but it’s done on short hair. With a messy layered bob, you don’t have to worry if you have frizz or flyaways. It’s also a street-chic and edgy hairstyle you can wear on weekends when going out.

4. Messy bun

Back shot of an Asian woman with hair in a messy bun wearing a striped shirt and denim jeans
Get through a busy day with this no-fuss hairstyle. Credit: Hariono Halim

Gone are the days when updos are supposed to be smooth and flawless. A messy bun can make you look effortlessly stylish even if your hair has a lot of tutsang and tikwas that you can’t control.

5. Hat

Filipina influencer Laureen Uy wearing a hat, jacket, and pants outdoors
Looking for an instant bad hair day fix? Wear a hat. Credit:

If all else fails, just put on a hat and face your day in style. This can save you time and effort especially when you’re in a hurry. Wearing a bucket hat is even one of travel and fashion blogger Laureen Uy’s favorite hair hacks on a bad hair day!

Editor’s tip: When you wear a hat all day, your hair becomes limp and falls flat. And nobody likes to have that kind of hair. So, wash your hair with Cream Silk Hydra Fresh Fresh & Bouncy Light Conditioner. It won’t wear your hair down but keeps it bouncy and fresh all the time. 

6. Messy Braid

Asian woman with a messy fishtail braid to disguise frizzy hair
Loose, messy braids make frizz part of the style. Credit: Hariono Halim

Turn a bad hair day into a chic hair day with a loose, messy braid. It’s a charming, no-fuss look that you can quickly style. Leave loose strands and who knows? The messy-chic look might just turn your day around!

7. Bandana

Asian woman wearing an off-shoulder top and a bandana to cover frizzy hair
Wear a stylish bandana on a bad hair day! Credit: Natasha Estelle

We understand that sometimes, showing your hair to the public is just too embarrassing. It has a mind of its own and does whatever it wants to do. In times like this, go for a bandana and hide your tresses under a colorfully-patterned one. You can opt to hide it completely or leave it down for more style.

Editor’s tip: If you want frizz-free, straight hair, then, you should go for Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Straight Ultra Treatment Wrap. You don’t have to visit the salon for a keratin blowout because you can have that right in each pack. It is infused with Triple Keratin Formula that penetrates every strand to make it smooth and sleek. 

8. Messy Donut Bun

Frizzy hair remedies: Girl has her eyes closed and she has a messy top bun
Let your top bun save the day. Credit: Shutterstock

Tired of styling your frizzy hair that never tends to follow? Let the messy donut bun save the day. No need for brushes and combs but just your bare hands, donut bun, and an elastic band. Gather your hair, put it in a bun, and add a few spritzes of hairspray. Forget the loose strands as they put the ‘m’ in messy!

Editor’s tip: Apply a few spritzes of VO5 Extra Hold Hairspray to give your hair the lasting hold it needs. You can go through with all your activities without worrying about your messy hair.

9. Messy Low Ponytail

Asian girl is holding two loose sections of hair
The messy ponytail is easy to pull off. Credit: Hariono Halim

This is the easiest and the simplest messy hairstyle that anyone can do! Just finger-comb your hair, leave some tresses around your face as you gather them into a ponytail, and tie it with an elastic band. It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

10. Messy Pixie

Frizzy hair remedies: Girl is facing the camera but her body is sideways
A messy pixie never goes out of style. Credit: Shutterstock

Short hair having a life of its own? Well, we do have a hairstyle for that too! Copy the messy pixie cut for your frizzy hair and see how stylish it can be!

Editor’s tip: Apply some VO5 Mega Hold Gel Spray and enjoy your messy pixie all day long. Because of the product’s gel properties and the spray’s convenience, your hair will never be frizzy the entire day! 

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