Asian woman touching her hair for a scalp scaling concept

Scalp Scaling: The Korean Hair Treatment You Should Know About

If you’ve ever been to Korea, you might have come across many salons offering scalp scaling treatments. But chances are, you paid no attention or didn’t know what it was. We’re here to tell you what scalp scaling is all about and why you should incorporate it into your hair and scalp care routine.

What Is Scalp Scaling?

The whole world knows about vigorous Korean beauty regimens. They believe that just as the secret to great skin is taking your beauty regime seriously, the secret to great hair starts with taking care of your scalp. If your scalp is not healthy, then it’ll reflect on your hair. 

Scalp scaling is a five-step deep exfoliation of your scalp to get rid of any buildup to allow your hair to grow strong and healthy. After all, your hair is just dead cells. It is the tiny blood vessels at the base of your hair follicles that give it life. Once your scalp is clean and clear of any buildups, the hair roots can breathe freely. 

Benefits of Scalp Scaling

Koreans believe that everybody can benefit from this treatment, but it is particularly useful for those suffering from hair loss. After one treatment, you walk out with a lighter head free of buildup and toxins. When there is nothing in the way of your scalp and hair follicles, hair grows abundantly and strong. Say goodbye to problems like oily hair, itchy scalp, dandruff,  and many more. 


The 5-Step Procedure

Now that you know how beneficial this deep exfoliation treatment is for your hair, we’re sure you want to give it a shot. Salons in the Philippines, though, haven’t started offering this treatment yet. But it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. Let us walk you through the five-step procedure so you can replicate it at home and enjoy beautiful hair and scalp that’s free from dirt and product buildup. 

Step 1: Consultation

The first step involves a consultation during which photos of your scalp are taken using a handheld microscope device with a camera at the tip. This will further help you understand the issues you’re having with your hair, as well as your skin and scalp type. The expert then recommends scaling gels accordingly. 

At-Home Version: While there is no way we can replicate a fancy device at home, what you can do instead is to reflect and analyze. It is vital that you know your hair type and understand the issues you are currently facing. 

Step 2: Steaming

Scalp Scaling: asian girl steaming scalp
Have a warm towel or shower cap ready. Credit: Dennie Ramon

Just as how your skin is steamed to open your pores when you go for a facial, your hair too needs some steam. Using a steaming machine, the pores on your scalp are opened up to soften any accumulated sebum. 

At-Home Version: Invest in a good steamer that won’t burn your skin and scalp when steaming your hair. Can’t seem to get one? Try wrapping your hair with a hot towel.

Step 3: Gel and Scrape

After your pores have been opened up, a gel is applied all over the hair roots. Then, all the dirt and build-up from your scalp are removed using a scaling tool. 

At-Home Version: Look for a scalp exfoliant and a blunt object that you can use to scrape off the gel and residue on your scalp. Run it back and forth along your scalp. Make sure to part your hair in different sections for a thorough cleanse. Can’t find a scalp exfoliant? Try DIY deep scalp cleaning treatments using apple cider vinegar or baking soda. 

Step 4: Wash and Massage

Scalp Scaling: Asian Girl Washing Hair
Pat your hair dry and massage your scalp gently. Credit: Shutterstock

After removing all the buildup from your hair, it is now time for a gentle scalp massage and a thorough and in-depth wash.

Bottle of Tresemme Detox & Nourish Shampoo

At-Home Version: Now that all the build-up from your hair is gone, use a nourishing shampoo like TRESemmé Detox & Nourish Shampoo. Make sure to massage the shampoo into your scalp to promote blood circulation and thoroughly cleanse any remaining buildup. Then, condition your hair with TRESemmé Detox & Nourish Conditioner

Step 5: Other Treatments

After cleansing your scalp, any other treatments that were recommended to you during your initial consultation are done at this point. After all, products are able to penetrate your hair better once your scalp is clean, so any treatment you do at this point will be more effective. 

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At-Home Version: Now that all that gunk is out of your hair, your roots are able to receive other treatments better. Want to get keratin treatment at home? Use Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Straight Treatment Crème. It tames frizz, revives damaged hair, and adds moisture and shine to dry hair. 

A Healthy Scalp Equals Healthy Hair 

Scalp scaling treatment is basically all about giving your scalp a deep cleanse. Now that we’ve shared this treatment for you and found a way for you to do it at home, schedule an at-home scalp scaling once or twice a month.