Photo of an Asian woman in a cellphone showing a virtual makeover

Get A Free Virtual Makeover With Your All Things Hair Personal Hairstylist!

Getting hair advice has gotten easier with the new All Things Personal Hairstylist! It’s ready to give you hairstyling tricks, hair care tips, and product recommendations 24/7 on Facebook messenger.

And now, it just got better! Your virtual personal hairstylist can now help give you a virtual makeover. You can try on different hairstyles, so if you’re planning to cut your hair or try a new look, you know what suits you. Here’s how

How to Get a Virtual Makeover

1. Start your chat through Facebook messenger.

Go to the All Things Hair PH Facebook messenger to connect with your virtual personal hairstylist.

2. Choose “Try On Styles.”

Screenshot of a chatbot about virtual makeover
Getting a new look has just become more exciting with this new feature.

Click “Match My Style” to see recommendations that are tailored for you. But if you’re feeling adventurous and are ready for just about anything, click “Surprise me!”

3. Take a photo.


Screenshot of a chatbot giving instructions
Just follow these instructions when uploading your selfie.

To take your selfie, position your phone in front of you. Make sure that your background is simple and clean and free of clutter. Remove your eyeglasses or any accessories that can get in the way. Also, make sure that your face is well-lit.

4. Try on different looks!

Screenshot of a virtual makeover
Have fun as you virtually experiment with different looks.

With the help of the new virtual makeover feature, you can see how different hairstyles and haircuts look on you.


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You can even win P10,000! Just sign up and try on new looks using the virtual makeover feature to get a chance to win.

How to Get a Personalized Hair Care Regimen

Aside from being able to try new hairstyles, you can also get product recommendations. These can help you create a hair care regimen that’s tailored to your needs. Here’s how.

1. Choose “Create Routine.”

Screenshot of a chatbot
Create a personalized hair care regimen in just a few clicks!

Your All Things Hair Personal Hairstylist will let you choose from different options pertaining to your hair goals. Choose the one that best suits you.

2. Check out the product recommendations.

Screenshot of a chatbot showing a bottle of shampoo
Now, you know what products to add to your hair care routine.

Based on your hair goal, your All Things Hair Personal Hairstylist will show you different shampoos, conditioners, and hairstyling products that will help you achieve it.

3. Don’t miss the tips!

Screenshot of a chatbot
Learn more hair care tips and tricks by checking out your regimen details.

You can choose to check out more info about your personalized hair care regimen. These will lead to you various tips and tricks that will help give you the hair you want.


Poster of a promo on All Things Hair Chatbot

When you get a free hair consultation with your All Things Hair Personal Hairstylist, you also get the chance to win P10,000! How cool is that?

Ready? Chat with your All Things Hair Personal Hairstylist now and get a free virtual makeover and product recommendations. Share this news with your friends, too, so all of you will have a great hair day.